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Animation issues with SLRetreat

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Hello everyone!


Having some animation issues I believe with SLRetreat


So essentially most of the furniture just gives me an X-cross animation, see picture below




And the next screenshot is me using Display Model 2 to get the same object, with the animation working






I have run FNIS and have all the dependencies, was going to open the map in CK and see if I could figure it out, but I don't really know what I'm doing in CK



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I do not timk it is a Problem of Slavers retreat, cause I used the ZAP 8+ furniture by @t.ara without changing anything. So I think you have  an Override of the animations from ZAP8+ by an other mod. Perhaps it is a Fnis-issue. I think you should reinstall ZAP8+ and run Fnis after Installation.

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