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Usable Furniture? (Zaz furniture + animation pack)?

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Hey guys,

i am looking for a mod that kinda works as follows; you place a npc or yourself into the furni (i.e. from the zaz pack) and npcs nearby fuck them in furniture-related animations (like they would run a train on a follower/slave locked in pillory).

Well, now i know that there is Zaz furni. + Zaz anim. pack but i am not quit sure how they work or if they do what i seek for.

I dont think that Zaz packs support remote-fucking, but how does it work?

Do I tell a npc to use a Zaz furniture I placed and once its locked and I ask the npc for sex, either  via some mod added dialogue or mass maker, it will only play furniture related animation?

Or how do I use these mods, need some clarification pls :D

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