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"sosracemenu.esp missing"

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I've been using SOS on special edition for a while now, but I FOOLISHLY decided to experiment with SAM. After deciding I didn't like SAM and uninstalling it, I went back to my save game only to be prompted that "sosracemenu.esp" was no longer available. I started a new save game, and, no doubt, the racemenu options for SOS were gone. I searched the virtual folder in MO2 and discovered that sosracemenu.esp indeed WAS there, and probably installed by XPMSE. 


In game, my character's... uh.. "thing", is extremely small, an obvious side effect from SAM, and I'm so confused as to why sosracemenu is not registering. Additionally, I'm positive that's not the only issue which this little fiasco with SAM has caused.


Can anyone help?

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