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10/26/19 17:33:41 Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\sims4\masked\exception_watcher_wrapper.py\exception_watcher_wrapper.py", line 26, in wrapper
  File ".\WickedWhims_v145f\wickedwhims\main\game_handlers\tick_handler.py\tick_handler.py", line 149, in update
  File ".\WickedWhims_v145f\wickedwhims\sex\autonomy\trigger_solo.py\trigger_solo.py", line 64, in _trigger_random_solo_sex_autonomy_on_game_update
  File ".\WickedWhims_v145f\wickedwhims\sex\autonomy\trigger_solo.py\trigger_solo.py", line 93, in _trigger_random_solo_sex_autonomy
  File ".\WickedWhims_v145f\wickedwhims\sex\autonomy\trigger_solo.py\trigger_solo.py", line 206, in trigger_random_solo_sex_autonomy
  File ".\WickedWhims_v145f\wickedwhims\sex\autonomy\trigger_solo.py\trigger_solo.py", line 252, in _trigger_solo_sex_computer_autonomy_interaction
  File ".\WickedWhims_v145f\wickedwhims\sex\autonomy\trigger_solo.py\trigger_solo.py", line 271, in _get_solo_sex_computer_game_object
  File ".\WickedWhims_v145f\wickedwhims\sex\autonomy\utils\location.py\location.py", line 80, in get_sex_locations
  File ".\WickedWhims_v145f\wickedwhims\sex\autonomy\utils\location.py\location.py", line 264, in _get_on_lot_sex_locations
  File "wwcommon\wickedwhims\sex\autonomy\utils\location.py", line 36, in _ww_common_get_animations_score
  File "kinky\assault\autonomy\utils\location.py", line 65, in _kinky_get_animations_score
  File "kinky\assault\autonomy\utils\location.py", line 14, in get_animations_score
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'wickedwhims.sex.animations.disabler'
 this is the error i keep getting any time i try to preform a solo or any type of act, it wont perform the act and gives me an error message such as this

how do i fix this?



here is the lastexception txt list that i get with the new WW update 


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Looks like script error.


1. make backup of your game and all contents

2. Try remove all script mods first and see if error goes away.

3. remove all mods and try game...see if exception goes away.

4. Add non script mods back

5. See if still get error

6. one by one add scripts back and check for exception..

7. If still having issue...rinse and repeat....



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