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[mod] Witch Character

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Witch Character


Witch Character

Version 1.2.A - 16 December 2019

by Virtual Oxytocin


Description :
This is my first mod ever!

This simple mod add a new decision allowing you to hire a witch to your court.

Witches have custom portrait. Good intrigue and decent theology.

While hiring your witches you can make her your mistresses at a cost.

They have very low fertility.

You can Visit her and buy Potions and Artifacts.

Requirements :
-Crusader Kings 2

-Reaper's due DLC is very likely required


Compatibility :

This mod is very light-weight and should be compatible with about anything.

Installation :
-Simply drop the content of this mod into your mod folder like any other mods

Known Issues :
No issues detected for the moment


Language :
English; French is planned next month.

Futures Plans :

- Add French Language
- Enable the Witch to cure your character illness at a cost
- More Sexy Interactions

Credits :
You are free to build onto my mod as long as you credit me and reference this page.


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  • 8 months later...

Judging by the patch note, this mod is DEAD!!!

So I stumbled on your mod & decided to try it out. I'm currently in a middle of a playthrough with your mod so I'm actually typing this as things happens. So I noticed your witch can only cure only few diseases, how ironic it is because my character just had cancer & the court physician failed to treat him & I just started this playthrough. Your witch can't cure cancer either & now there's a plague so now I'm just waiting for my character to die. As luck would have it, he contracted Consumption as well, but fortunately the doctor managed to save his life at the cost of sanity & his eye, now he's lying in bed, would probably die very soon. So for first impressions so far, I am less than pleased with this witch here. So I decided to cheat the money & buy some of her artifacts. The thing is, they don't have any descriptions to tell me what they do. Dark Keys & Crystal Ball gives the exact same stat of +4 Intrigue & +2 earning. While the Scroll gives +2 Intrigue  & +8 Learning. I thought the artifacts may have extra spells but they don't, I checked the potions & all she has is a +combat potion.

I hired a witch as a lover, I don't see any events relating to her yet. Currently I have 2 witches, 1 as a spymaster, the other as a lover. I see both of them has the same traits so I guess there's no point in filling the court with them. But having a witch spymaster is pretty cool. So cool in fact I even married one of them. Despite their low fertility rate, a fertility event triggered & my insane & blinded & character managed to get his witch wife pregnant.

Pretty much disappointed. But I'll stick with my character until he dies, that's the least I could do for him now.

If anyone decides to pick this up or if the mod creator resumes the work, it would be great if the witch is more useful, more cure spells, more spells in general, more potions to take, make the artifacts unique, if it's possible to create special events then that'll be great too!

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