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How would I run a strip club/sex shop as a business?

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Hey, I have all of the DLCs, expansion packs, etc but I have yet to use them all to their full potential. I have WhickedWhims and a prostitution mod called "Hoe It Up", and I just downloaded a Sex Shop/Brothel from Noir however I am unsure of how to properly use this. What lot trait would I use so as to get sims to go there, recieve lap dances, sex, strip shows, etc for money? The second floor to the lot has many rooms, and I would like for customers to go there and have sex with my employees. Is there a tutorial that helps me know how to do this or is there some kind of work-around that achieves a similiar thing? The lot is like a two-in-one type of deal, one side is basically a brothel and the other side is a sex shop.


I basically want my employees to be strippers that get paid for having sex and lap dancing, how would I go about doing this? I know how to use WhickedWhims and Hoe It Up as I've been using them for ages, however I've never ran my own business and wouldn't know how to make one based on a Cabaret and Sex Shop.

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28 minutes ago, amiw504 said:

nisa k has a lot trait called erotic call center. Everytime someone has sex in your building you get paid. There are also lot traits like entrance fee but i forgot who made it.

Thank you, I'll look into them. I wish there was one where you could get your employees to dance and prostitute themselves, one can dream :(

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