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Vindictus Sakura Blossom

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1 hour ago, Hodor117 said:

Great Work!


But one question..ive tried some of your previous mods and i could not equip the hair/wig that came with  your mods.

Is there a way to fix that?

That's very odd. Can you get into the specifics? Do they not appear when you equip them?

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9 minutes ago, A|one said:

Can I find out how to enable physics for this armor? SMP is worth it, but it's still static.

It is possible you do not have SMP correctly installed. Honestly just use the SMP PE Path included in the mod and delete anything SMP related you've downloaded before.

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7 minutes ago, kboom said:

is it possible to have both cyan and mint color?

As in, having two choices in game where you can equip two colors on different characters?

You'll have to do some basic nif and esp editing. It's nothing hard but I don't have the time to do it for you at the moment. Everything you are going to need (textures, to be specific) are included in the mod, however.

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10 minutes ago, khm1989 said:

Patreon wise you're in my Top 5 when it comes to gear for Skyrim, will support in the future especially thankful for the freebies. 

Thanks ^^

If it were up to me, everything will be free. I would like as many people to enjoy the outfits I do as possible.

I try to keep exclusive outfits to a minimum. But I want to have something special for the people that do support me as well.

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25 minutes ago, khm1989 said:

Just for that super positive reply, you got yourself a patreon (I Can't Believe It's Not Butter) for this month. Don't have it like that to continue on lol, will check back in the future for your exclusive stuff though. 

Thank you so much! I have a big pack of outfits planned for my patrons soon so stay tuned ;)

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