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Body Mods - I Messed Up Somehow??

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I decided that I didn't want some mods I had installed anymore, so I removed them and began a new game.
Everything SHOULD have been fine as far as I'm aware as I had only deactivated certain mods, but the game would CTD whenever I tried to load it. So, I did the process of selecting the mods one by one.
Everything seemed fine, until out of curiosity I removed my clothes and everything went to hell. Screenshots at the end of the post.

I don't understand what the problem is. They're exactly the same mods as last time, and they are sitting in exactly the same load order in Mod Organizer. Everything has been sorted in LOOT. I don't get it.

Issues :
- Seams along NPC wrists, sides, and thighs

- One breast much bigger than the other among other display issues. This only appears on the player character, despite me being a default Nord race.
- Breast issue is also affected on armour with scaling.
- Weird shading.

- Hands appear disconnected (UNP hands issue?)

- Some eyes from Eyes of Beauty drop halfway down the eye socket

The only mod that I have which could potentially change appearance is Beeing Female. However, it's a new save. My character is fresh. Additionally, I tried the "Reset Breast / Belly" option within the mod and it changed nothing.

Someone please help me. It's been a while since I first installed these files, so I don't remember well enough. It SHOULD work. It's the same as on my old save.
And then.... =_= 
I tried reinstalling (replacing) some of the files, but they corrupted within Mod Organizer. Now Mod Organizer WON'T EVEN LET ME DELETE THEM. It asks for administrative permission (it's never done that before) and then just... fails. So I deactivated those ones from the load order thus eliminating their esp files and reinstalled them under a different name. They're still there, though.
What the hell has happened?!

Here are all my mods that have anything to do with the body, in MO load order as well as their versions.
Files without links are either add-ons within the same mod, or now deleted pages.

HDT Physics Extensions ver 14.28
Dimonized UNP main body ver 1.51

ApachiiSkyHair ver 1.6.Full

ApachiiSkyHair Wigs ver 1.0

ApachiiSkyHair Female add ver 1.5

ApachiiSkyHair Male add ver 1.2

The Eyes Of Beauty ver 9.0

The Eyes Of Beauty Elven Edition ver 10.0.1

SG Female Eyebrows ver 1.0

UNP Tender Hands ver 1.0

Better Makeup for SKSE ver 1.0beta

SG Textures Renewal UNP ver 1.5b

BodySlide and Outfit Studio ver 4.8

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended ver 4.51







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