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  1. Doesn't Skyrim have its own mod with similar functions to this? Let's see.... I'm probably remembering Prison Overhaul Patched and its bondage punishment system, but I'm sure that there are others.
  2. Knowing what mods that you actually have active does help. It would be those affecting what you have now, unless important meshes and textures have been overridden by other installations. That being said, if you plan on activating all of these mods, the larger load order will eventually be equally as important. As a note, I see that you use CM Partners. Look into this follower mod and its components instead. I find that it suits better. I see that you have a bashed patch. In addition to what Fejeena has said, this is what I would recommend you doing to sort you load order.
  3. Playing the Hiyoko/Tamago mods, I found that some of the dialogue to describe how sperm got to where it was and how children were made was worded a little stiff, and sometimes did not seem to add up. I hope people don't mind me editing it. So I edited two of the scripts for within LoversTamagoClub.esp. "a4tccGetTextSituation" and "a4tcfGetTextExamine". All I've done is change the wording of some of the message dialogue. I haven't edited the way that the rest of the script works at all. I wanted to post my edited version of these scripts here in case anyone else wanted them. You can chan
  4. Ah, yes. You don't want to push your luck with a perfect set-up. XD Speaking of which, I think I angered mine. I wasn't going to be doing anything else with my load order, but then the fact that redguards had a substantially noticeable neck seam because of a striking colour variation between head and body and that my hands would go ghostly white while equipping armour or clothing got the better of me. So I installed Seamless for OCOv2 and the EVE clothing and armour sets. I thought that it would be okay because they didn't come before Hiyoko in the load order. I was wrong. So now
  5. Oh, really? Is there any particular reason for using the old versions? Yeah, he should. They're being weird. Shots fired. XD I don't even know how it happened to be honest. I was chilling in the cellar with my weirdo bud Sinderion when I was attacked. I didn't think other people went into his cellar? Unless I was clocked beforehand.
  6. Does being close enough that he's threatening to turn my bones to ash work? XD Eh.. I don't know what the issue is. If it's something I've done or another factor.
  7. Oh, I took the little brat directly to its father. If it was going to work, I gave it all the lenience it needed. The father "Alval Uvani" is definitely not dead, but also non-essential and travels between towns. So I don't know if he's treated differently.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion! I tried implementing HiyokoGeneratorGeneForge and luckily didn't break anything. I had a bit of an issue later on with blockhead texts over the faces, but was able to find posts within that thread mentioning that it's because the heads default to the vanilla head style and I just need to delete that blockhead texture to fix it. So.. I think that's all good now. Yeah! I had a look at the ini file before using it and set the ratio for gender to about 65. The only issue that I've noticed I'm having is with the "Go with daddy" command. I will give the comman
  9. Is there a way to play around with HiyokoClub creation data? As a nord female, I had a child by a dunmer male and the child came out looking like a nord female. An almost exact clone of me, really. While I understand that both parents' information should be taken into account, it's a bit strange for a pasty white nord to have a dunmer father. It'd be really nice to be able to tweak this.
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