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  1. Doesn't Skyrim have its own mod with similar functions to this? Let's see.... I'm probably remembering Prison Overhaul Patched and its bondage punishment system, but I'm sure that there are others.
  2. No, you don't need Wrye Bash unless you download mods that hard require it. I was playing fine without it until I needed to install All Natural Weather. Hmmm. Is your load order okay? Is OBSE installed properly?
  3. Is this something that should always be done, or only if there are issues? I never bothered renaming my pluggy.
  4. Knowing what mods that you actually have active does help. It would be those affecting what you have now, unless important meshes and textures have been overridden by other installations. That being said, if you plan on activating all of these mods, the larger load order will eventually be equally as important. As a note, I see that you use CM Partners. Look into this follower mod and its components instead. I find that it suits better. I see that you have a bashed patch. In addition to what Fejeena has said, this is what I would recommend you doing to sort you load order. 1) Use Oblivion Mod Manager to keep track of your mods. 2 ) Sort your mods through BOSS. 3 ) Refer to Fejeena's load order example on their yellow link to see where Lovers mods should be placed, and adjust any mods that BOSS hasn't sorted. You will be able to tell, because they would have fallen to the bottom of the load order and will not match the indicated structure (armour, companions, races, etc.). 4 ) Save your load order in Oblivion Mod Manager. ( Import/Export > Export load order > name and save) 5 ) Load up LOOT to process your mods. I know that Fejeena said not to use it... and we're still not going to in that sense. However, when using Wrye Bash, it can be crucial to process your mods through LOOT as it provides additional bash tags to mods that BOSS does not. This is the only occasion that we will use LOOT for anything related to Oblivion. 6 ) Load up Oblivion Mod Manager again and import your saved load order that would have been changed by LOOT. ( Import/Export > Import load order > find you saved load order and open) It is also important to note that most Lovers mod creators will advise you to never process Lovers mods through Wrye Bash. Save your bashed patch for Nexus content. Also note that I say "Oblivion Mod Manager" (OBMM) and not "Mod Organiser" (MO). It seems like a lot of people assume that they are the same program. They're not.
  5. Well... something is definitely happening when I try and use this, which I know because it makes my game freeze upon the delivery system. So something mustn't be right. I figured that you would also need a line like this within the hggfFnInspectGenes script. elseif -1 < sv_Find "illivrin", race_n || -1 < sv_Find "illivorn", race_n ; Illivrin. May need to change ar_Map values. Let genes := ar_Map 1::(ar_Map 22::22), 2::(ar_Map 22::22) elseif cur_ref.GetIsRace hggfIllivrin if 0 == ar_HasKey spawning_pool, "illi" Let spawning_pool["illi"] := ar_List (ar_Construct Array), (ar_Construct Array) endif ar_Append spawning_pool["illi"][cur_ref.IsFemale], cur_ref And possibly add one small part to the hggfFnConstructHairTable. I don't understand this well enough to know. ; Other humanoid races share the same "men" entry. Let hairs["mer"] := hairs["red"] := hairs["ren"] := hairs["cho"] := hairs["lop"] := hairs["illi"] := hairs["men"] I wasn't sure what the "gene" and "face" parts actually do, but you can discover that within the hggfFnMakeRace script. Not that I actually understand this any better for seeing it in action.. Anyway.... I'll drop an edited HiyokoGeneratorGeneForge script into this post. If anyone wants to try and get it to work, you're more than welcome, but you will need the meshes and textures listed in the above post and as defined in the scripts and race, and also the Dairanath Avari - male companion esp. HiyokoGeneratorGeneForge.esp And as for using blockhead to define the bodies of Hiyoko children... I've run into an issue. I can set the thing fine for vanilla races. Both the nif and dds overrides eventuate in the desired result. However... for Hiyoko children, only the nif override works. I've thus far been unable to convince the thing to let my chosen texture override the current one, which leads me to assume that there is something in one of the scripts or ini files that is defining the texture of these mods. It's vexing....
  6. Yeah, I thought I remembered reading that you are. I can't say that the scripts being in English and me being a native English speaker actually helps any, though. XD Not yet. I'm concerned that if it draws the race from a race name implemented by another mod, as to where it comes from. Editor ID, or the actual name? Because the companion mod author assigned the race's editor ID as "A101Illivrin" and the name as "Dairânath". ....Actually, no. Why am I worrying about that part? I'll just change the name of both fields on the companion mod to "Illivrin". Idiot... I'll test it out soon then, but I still feel like I'm missing something crucial.
  7. Oh. Some of these outfits at least (the bottom two pictures) are on Brother_K's blog. They are only available there, to my knowledge. I added all of his gothic outfits to my game. I recognise the top image from somewhere as well, but I can't remember... http://brother999.blog53.fc2.com/blog-entry-98.html http://brother999.blog53.fc2.com/blog-entry-76.html I'm not sure how much of those outfits is his own work. The chain from the last one seems to be made by Slof, with their permission for its use given. The top one looks like something Hepsy would have made. Hepsy seems to be a big fan of the Atelier series. https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/43018 https://hepsy.blog.fc2.com/
  8. Lol.... is this something that you did? XD I suppose that does make sense, if you're trying to manage multiple children. And it does sound like a viable fix to manage inventories. I do see that Blockhead is a definite resolution to one of my problems. Then if I come across any children with chesty outfits, I can just swap them out for something else. Mmmm. All scripts are like German to me (I don't know a lick of German... although my great grandfather was German Prussian), so I'm still getting the hang of a lot of this. I have no idea how they look for the right things either. From what I can tell, they all look for a name. That's the only thing that I see... Oh. I see I should have explained that better. By saying that I removed everything except the new stuff... that's exactly what this is. It's not a real mod or patch for the original HGGF mod. On my system, this IS the original mod, only with added parts. I just removed everything else so that it was easy to find and compare what I had added so far, with the exception of the scripts, which are added in the above post anyway. I just renamed it so that it didn't cause a conflict with the original HGGF mod on anyone elses' system. Assume that all of the original stuff is still there. I considered making a patch version, but I'd rather just play it safe and add new stuff to the original mod. I'm going to keep looking into the scripts to see if I can piece it all together, but I'm a total noob. I've copied every HGGF script into separate documents to make it easier to look through for now...
  9. Yeah, I noticed. I use an E-cup body, which really isn't working for these kids who are only up to my knees. The muscular body from Robert's also isn't really working for the whole thing. I need to use one of the scrawnier versions. Oh! That's something that I hadn't thought of. I haven't customised anything with blockhead before, but I'll give it a go. I mean... I don't really mind if their bodies never change, because they never reach full NPC size anyway, do they? Either that or it just looks like it because their faces never change. What I've been doing so far is just using set body to give them a different set, but I guess I'm just lazy in that regard. Oh!! I hadn't considered using MCS to alter other people's children. Can't they live in your house and eat and sleep without the use of MCS, so long as they're your own child? I think any race that isn't listed automatically results in a lop-eared child. What happens if the other parent (not the player) is of a custom race though? That's what I'm trying to make work at the moment. I have a few companion mods, and most if not all use their own custom race or custom version of a vanilla race. With most of them, I don't mind what the resulting child would look like. The lop-earless-lop-ear replacer is a good enough result. Without looking at the child's race, you'd never really know. But one of them has a very distinct look that I would love to be able to capture and simulate. This is the companion "Dairanath Avari". So, I've been trying to create a spawn involving the "Illivrin" race (which I've called Illivorn for now) so that I could create Hiyoko children based on this custom race. I've made a single male child NPC so far and placed them in the kindergarten cell. I've created a folder for the meshes and textures needed for this race, and even removed a scar texture from the original Dairanath face but kept the forehead symbol. I've added a race named "hggfIllivrin" to a copy of the mod, and I've been trying to work out what areas of the script I'd need to tackle to get this to work, but I'm a bit in over my head. There's a lot that I haven't been able to figure out what it exactly does. I'm sure there is a way (be it difficult) to get this to work... it's just not going to be easy. I figured that the most important part (for the child to generate the right stats and attributes anyway) is in the "hggfFnConstructRaceTable", which I think I've done right (see the spoiler below). I just... ugh. I also figured that a line like this would have to be added to the "hggfMainScript", which I only half understand. The spawning pool key... do I use that to create a line to look for hairs or a face? Or... multiple things? elseif cur_ref.GetIsRace hggfIllivrin if 0 == ar_HasKey spawning_pool, "illi" Let spawning_pool["illi"] := ar_List (ar_Construct Array), (ar_Construct Array) endif ar_Append spawning_pool["illi"][cur_ref.IsFemale], cur_ref I would probably also have to do something with "hggfFnMakeRace", but.... pfft. I'm lost. Anyway, I'll include a file if you want to look that has the races meshes and textures, as well as an edited geneforge esp that has removed everything except for the added NPC, his place in his cell, and of course the race that he's a part of. Illivorn Pack.rar
  10. Maybe I'm just overlooking it, but does anyone know a way that I can predefine a body type for male and female children within the scripts? Also, I wouldn't mind giving them a set inventory depending on their gender so that they can acquire a set outfit to wear (possibly based on parents' lower/middle/high class). I'm pretty sure this mod overrides the ability to acquire an inventory if they're the PC's child (because that could potentially be a hell of a lot of stuff), but I feel like this would be a good work-around for that. I use an EVE outfit replacer, so these little girls are being born.... very chesty. It's weird. I'd prefer to direct them towards an AA-cup sized outfit that I've downloaded. Huh. Unless.... I can just apply them to the predefined NPCs? Also.... how to add a custom race for parentage. I noticed that races such as "chcolate elves" are included within the scripts. Is this because they call to an x117race esp? If so, would I need to do be to opt for another esp in its place?
  11. Playing the Hiyoko/Tamago mods, I found that some of the dialogue to describe how sperm got to where it was and how children were made was worded a little stiff, and sometimes did not seem to add up. I hope people don't mind me editing it. So I edited two of the scripts for within LoversTamagoClub.esp. "a4tccGetTextSituation" and "a4tcfGetTextExamine". All I've done is change the wording of some of the message dialogue. I haven't edited the way that the rest of the script works at all. I wanted to post my edited version of these scripts here in case anyone else wanted them. You can change them from within the construction set. I use the most recent version of these mods, and I've included the entire script, so you can just copy and paste the whole thing. For those who do not know how to edit a script in the CS.... (reveal the spoiler) Let me mention more about what I've changed here. "a4tccGetTextSituation" The one line that really got to me in this script was : let fmt := "%z is located in the %z." This didn't translate when looking at the text data in game. This line has been changed to : let fmt := "%z was inseminated by %z." I have changed the position names to read cleaner by adding article words to them. I have also renamed some terms. Cowgirl ー> the cowgirl Doggy ー> the doggy Missionary(Lying) ー> the missionary Front(Standing) ー> a holding Non-penetration(Fellatio/Blowjob etc) ー> in non-penetrative circumstances Beast-like ー> a beast-like Unknown ー> an unknown I also changed the description of how the sex acts were performed and whether or not someone had lost their virginity. "%z by having sex in %z position %z" ー> "%z after having sex in %z position %z" "%z by letting it out in %z position %z" ー> "%z after ejaculating in %z position %z" "%z by being raped and cummed inside in %z position %z" ー> "%z after being raped in %z position %z" "%z by being forcefully ejaculated to vagina in %z position %z" ー> "%z after committing reverse rape in %z position %z" ". It was the first experience of %z" ー> ". It was %z's first experience" ". It was The first time for %z" ー> ". It was %z's first time" N.B. I wasn't actually sure what was meant by "%z by being forcefully ejaculated to vagina in %z position %z" as I have never seen it before, but I am assuming it is for instances of female offender or futanari rape. If I am incorrect in this assumption, feel free to edit back or reword this line. "a4tcfGetTextExamine" Only three lines were changed in this file. Possessive markers were added, and some lines were tidied or reworded. "%z first vaginal cumshot was by %z." ー> "%z's first vaginal cumshot was by %z." "%z was fertilized by sperm of %z." ー> "%z's ovum was fertilized by the sperm of %z." "%z became pregnant by sperm of %z." ー> "%z was impregnated by %z." Lastly, I edited a line from Hiyoko Genetics and also cleaned the wording of two of the message boxes. "a4hcqMain" "Beginnings: A child of %z and %z." ー> "Beginnings: %z bore a child fathered by %z." "Remove the Umblical Cord of %n?%rBy doing this the child will be severed from this world.%rThis is considered a crime, so by doing this your infamous increases.%rDo you still want to proceed?|[ Yes ]|[ No ]" ー> "Remove the Umbilical Cord from %n?%rThe child will be severed from the world.%rThis is considered a crime, so doing this will increase your infamy.%rDo you still want to proceed?|[ Yes ]|[ No ]" "You have cut off ties of %n with the world." ー> "%n's ties with the world have been severed." Now, all these changes are really quite minimal in the grand scheme of things, and it may not seem that it would make much of a difference. It probably doesn't to most, but does make for a smoother reading experience if you're fussy like that. Preview the screenshots to see how these changes play out in-game. (I know that the screenshots show a change from "fertilized" to the British spelling (fertilised), but this is only reflected within my own game.) a4tccGetTextSituation.txt a4tcfGetTextExamine.txt a4hcqMain.txt Open the spoilers to preview screenshots of the changes made.
  12. Well it's always there if anyone needs it. Pity I wasn't modding Oblivion back in 2015. I found the original Japanese dialogue left as actor notes on some of the lines in the LoversVoiceSSPPlus esp for virgin encounters. The female lines convey different personalities, like embarrassed, timid, pure love, tsundere and so forth... They're super cute and more to my own taste (the current lines are a little too confident for someone like me who is not confident like that irl), so I'm reworking the translations of those at the moment for my own playthrough. If anyone ever wants that version, let me know and I'll release those lines.
  13. Okay. Thanks, Fejeena~ I'll try playing around with the settings a little more then. I think I've already done so because it felt too frequent, but I guess I need to go at it harder.
  14. As the title implies, I am a confident Japanese translator who is open and willing to translate Japanese lines from adult mods into English. I am also a native English speaker. I know that a lot of people rely on things like machine translations to get the job done, but I'm willing to give it a go myself... IF I have the time to do so. There may be times when my irl schedule is a little full... but it never hurts to actually ask me. I'm not asking to be paid for my work as a translator. I've just been having a bit of fun learning dirty talk in Japanese lately. Before that, my only experience was from listening to adult ASMRs, so.... XD I do however ask for your patience and your understanding in me having a life outside of this game. I won't tolerate badgering or rudeness. I'll admit that I can become distracted at times. Checking in on me is not badgering, so long as you note the distinction. I will also translate individual body parts for slider settings, animation titles, etc. As for things like read me files... They're a little more work, but I MAY be willing to give them a go. Translating a read me file requires context, however. So I will either need to examine what the mod actually does, or you will have to provide me with a proper explanation (the quicker method) so that I can most accurately portray the detailed functions. At the moment, I'm only offering my services for Oblivion mods or at a push, Skyrim mods. You may either provide me with a text file of the Japanese lines, or you can give the mod to me and I will edit the dialogue directly myself. Corrupted Japanese text? No worries. I can usually retrieve all of the original text by using an decoder. Or, you can decode them yourself to place within a text file. Note that the esp itself can't be updated with decoded Japanese text. It simply can't support it this way. To decode lines, you can use this website. ↓ http://string-functions.com/encodedecode.aspx Just change the "Encode with" value to "windows-1252" (in most cases), and the "Decode with" value to "shift_jis". That's all for now, guys... Be kind, and have fun modding~
  15. So I was wondering if there was a way of working it so that Joburg doesn't target people already engaged in a sexual act. Is there a way to give them a preventative token or something? It seems like every other time I'm being attended to, someone else gets ideas about either myself, or the next person. It may not be that bad if it weren't for the fact that they try and trample our heads the entire times, which is a little distracting. Maybe even if they only attacked you when there were no other NPCs within a centre distance of said other NPC or player.
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