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Veronica Outfit Replacer T6M Bouncing

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Veronica Outfit Replacer T6M Bouncing

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This is a mashup of one of Exeter's refugee outfits, his Veronica replacer outfit, and one of his Freetribes outfits using his Veronica replacer textures. The mesh has been fitted to Nagothm's T6M bouncing body which in turn was made from Izumiko's original T6M. Talk about standing on the shoulders of giants.


All the parts I used have permissions from the authors to use freely, and I grant those same permissions to anyone who wants to convert this to other bodies.


This requires the animations from Bouncing Natural BreastsBouncing Natural Breasts, a Type 3/4/6/N (am I forgetting any?) compatible body texture, and a compatible skeleton, but chances are if you're hanging out here you already have all of these things.


This is my first NV mod in two years, so if I done fucked it up, let me know, but it's working fine on my machine.


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