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How do I delet or deactivate Apropos mods

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This is my problem I had Apropos 2 LATEST and Apropos update.  I installed them both and like an idiot didn't look what I was overwriting.  when I started my game my race menu is different.  I can no longer pick the size of my face , eyes, ears, etc all that stuff that made your character much more in depth.  Everything else is on there like cbbe morphs but not the other features.  When I tried to deactivate apropros (either of the 2) it won't let me.  I click on it and it and the circle spins and the top says skyrim not responding. Is there anyway else I can deactivate these 2 mods so I can get my race menu features back.  I wish I knew what mod it was because I would just reinstall it and overwrite apropos. 

Any feed back would be nice

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