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Merta Black Rose armor with fixed chest piece

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Im looking for a version of the Merta Black Rose armor set (heavy) HDT for UUNP where the chest piece actually counts as a chest piece, if anyone can help me I would be very happy. The one Im using lists it as a cuirass but I can not enchant it like it was a chest piece and I suspect it won't count as a chest piece for perks either.

Any help is much appreciated.

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The easiest way to rectify this is to modify the .esp file itself.


Look for the armor in the Creation Kit, open it and see what keywords it has. (Keep the armor window open.)

Search for a generic armor and open that up. See what keywords it has, and there should be something along the lines of "ArmorCuirass" inside there. This is what you need to add to the Merta chest piece.


To do that, go back to the armor you kept open, right click the keywords box (not on any of the text itself) and select "add".

From there, search "cuirass" and you should find "ArmorCuirass" much simpler.

Select it, then click "OK", then save.

Now you should be able to enchant it.

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Thank you so much for that explanation, I had tried to mess around with it but I had no idea what I was doing. It works perfectly now!

Funny thing is, while I was fixing that, I noticed that the armor pieces were sometimes listed as both light and heavy armor, hope I didn't break anything by removing the light armor tags.

Thanks again!

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