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Gamecrashing when installed sexout mod


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I've done about everything that is needed, used the Compilation Pack and my game still crashes my load order is.

















The Mod Configuration Menu.esp






SexoutConsequences EX.esp
























Total active plugins: 45

Total plugins: 62

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FNV edit works well for quick troubleshooting on start up crashes. Just run FNV edit and pay attention to the box on the right if it doesn't load correctly in fnv edit it will show some errors where it stops like "Missing master for... " or "ESP loaded before..." if you don't have it you can get it herehttp://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/34703

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I had a bit of trouble getting Sexout to work, as well. My current load order, which will soon include Tale of Two Wastelands, is:


Active Mod Files:


00 falloutnv.esm

01 DeadMoney.esm

02 HonestHearts.esm

03 OldWorldBlues.esm

04 LonesomeRoad.esm

05 GunRunnersArsenal.esm

06 ClassicPack.esm

07 MercenaryPack.esm

08 TribalPack.esm

09 CaravanPack.esm

0A Companion Core.esm

0B NSkies URWLified.esm

0C domecity.esm

0D domecity_Kaz_plugin.esm

0E D.E.I.M.O.S..esm [Version 1.05]

0F Psiclones.esm

10 IWS-Core.esm [Version 1.9]

11 EnclaveCommanderMarine.esm

12 RobCo Certified.esm

13 RHKGilbertCompanion.esm

14 The.Armory.esm

15 Waffen-SS Armor and Weapons.esm

16 GtabImprovedAmmoTFRMaster.esm

17 Sexout.esm

18 SexoutCommonResources.esm

19 SexoutSlavery.esm

1A SexoutLegion.esm

1B PipboyRemover.esm

1C CCO - Gameplay Changes.esm

1D CCO - Follower Tweaks.esm

1E CCO - Classic Perks.esm

1F Project Nevada - Core.esm

20 Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp

21 Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp

22 StopBeatrix.esp

23 Better Burned Man.esp

24 The Mod Configuration Menu.esp [Version 1.5]

25 The Weapon Mod Menu.esp [Version 1.1]

26 SmallerTalk.esp

27 SexoutZAZ.esp

28 NV 40k Master 2011.esp

29 Project Nevada - Dead Money.esp

2A Project Nevada - Honest Hearts.esp

2B Project Nevada - Old World Blues (No Cyberware).esp

2C Project Nevada - Lonesome Road.esp

2D Project Nevada - Gun Runners' Arsenal.esp

2E JL121_Vault121_Project_Fellowship.esp

2F iRodent - Vault 42.esp

30 iRodent - Vault 42 - DLC Snowglobes.esp

31 drgNV - Marcus Companion.esp [Version 0.80.1]

32 NVWillow.esp

33 QDMFollowers.esp

34 QHHFollowers.esp

35 CCO - Ulysses Companion.esp

36 st.esp

37 SexoutRapist.esp

38 SexoutFiends.esp

39 SexoutWorkingGirl.esp

3A SexoutWillow.esp [Version 3]

3B IWS-Core-Patrols.esp [Version 1.9]

3C IWS-Core-Guards.esp [Version 1.9]

3D IWS-Core-Civilians.esp [Version 1.9]

3E IWS-DM.esp

3F IWS-HH.esp

40 IWS-OWB.esp

41 IWS-LR.esp

42 populatedcasino-medium.esp

43 CCO - Ulysses Companion - All DLCs Patch.esp

44 NV_STTraitsandPerks - NVSE.esp

45 Hokuto Shinken NV.esp

46 Existence2.0.esp

47 SecretStash80.esp

48 MakHealOther.esp

49 AG Supplementary Uniques-AllInOne.esp

4A AG Supplementary Uniques-GRA.esp

4B FlashlightNVSE.esp

4C Wesker face mask.esp

4D Batman Arkham Asylum - Batman.esp

4E The.Armory.HonestHearts.Patch.esp

4F The.Armory.Leveled.List.esp

50 The.Armory.Leveled.List.Dead.Money.Patch.esp

51 The.Armory.Leveled.List.Honest.Hearts.Patch.esp

52 The.Armory.Leveled.List.Lonesome.Road.Patch.esp

53 The.Armory.Leveled.List.Old.World.Blues.Patch.esp

54 Jackal.esp

55 Cards_are_weapon.esp

56 TGsArmorCollectionVegas.esp

57 SimpleStreetLights.esp

58 NSkies URWLifiedDM.esp

59 NSkies URWLifiedHH.esp

5A NSkies URWLifiedOWB.esp

5B DynamiCamera.esp

5C FalloutNVCheatTerminal.esp

5D Better Binoculars High.esp

5E EMR-StealthSuitMkII.esp

5F Color Me Evil.esp

60 More Realistic Aiming.esp

61 sounds.esp

62 The.Armory.Performance.Killing.Ballistics.esp

63 LFox Archimedes The Nuke.esp

64 Euclids_C_Finder_activated.esp

65 Continue After Ending V1.9.esp

66 TKO.esp

67 RobCo Certified Friendly Hit Fixer.esp

68 SunnyCompanion.esp

69 Killable Children.esp

6A CCO - FT All DLC Patch.esp

6B CCO - CP All DLC Patch.esp

6C CCO - CP PN Core Patch.esp

6D CCO - CP PN Rebalance Patch.esp

6E CCO - Damage Resistance.esp

6F CCO - DR All DLC Patch.esp

70 CCO - Perk Rebalance - Honest Hearts.esp

71 CCO - Perk Rebalance - Dead Money.esp

72 CCO - Perk Rebalance.esp

73 CCO - Perk Rebalance - Lonesome Road.esp

74 CCO - Perk Rebalance - Old World Blues.esp

75 CCO - PR PN Patch.esp

76 CCO - Companion Development.esp

77 NV Fatal Headshots.esp

78 StopBeatrix2.esp

79 Kobu's New Game Quick Start and Better Rebuild.esp [Version 1.1.]




Not sure if that will help you any, but it's a good idea to check and recheck again that you have every single required mesh/texture/plugin for a given mod. Also make sure that they're the right versions. From what I've seen, there are a few deprecated plugins around the lab.

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The Bethesda/Obsidian/Please Stand by slides. And i used the FNV it seems I've got everything by the looks of it' date=' it loaded all mods.



Missing meshes/textures won't crash the game until the engine tries to load them so I don't think that would cause it at initial start up,I can't think of anything except loadorder/missing masters and the corrupt/missing Ini is easy enough to check and may cause this just put the fallout ini and falloutpref ini in a safe place( so you can put back if this doesn't work)it's in documents/mygames/fallutNV folder. Start the game it should rebuild it and see if that works.If it doesn't fix it, first go back and make sure it made a new one,if it did then put your old one back and we will move on to something else,if it didn't then you may have to go into steam in library right click FNV,properties and then select local files and hit verify integrity of game cache. That should rebuild it(it will also replace any other missing files in the vanilla game).If it still crashes put the INI's back in the folder and try this next one.


The last thing I can think to try is to start disabling mods a few at a time(5 or so)until it fires up then figure out which one in that group is causing the problem, then post the it and we will try to figure out why it's crashing(wrong order/missing master)although I wrote a book on the INI fix above it's the quickest one to check which is why it's listed first this can be tedious as you have to enable/disable mods several times until the game fires up.


good luck hope this helps troubleshoot your problem or someone else post ans easier or better method:)


edit: make sure you include the expansion packs when your disabling mods In fact do those first and make sure you uncheck any esp's dependent on them.

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Don't know how I missed this but you have two versions of sexoutconsequeces get rid of the the ex version it is outdated according to that outpost or at least disable one of them


use this version it combines both and is currenthttp://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=15182&pid=313869#pid313869


edit: my appolgies I'm an idiot , the ex is not a replacer didn't know since i've never used that one anyway I still stand by using the most current version but this probably won't fix your problem, so ignore this and go back to my previous post

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I started disabling stuff and still get crashes even try that. Now i'm at where about everything is vanilla and still get crashes on the start up screen


Hopefully some one else has some ideas I can't think of anything that Metal_Izanagi or myself haven't already covered, It just about has to be an esp/esm problem for that symptom. You said your about vanilla then go the other way start the game vanilla with no DLC either and if it loads then check them off one at a time until it crashes again then you will know which it is and if it doesn't start vanilla then yank those ini files back out and verify the game cache with steam and that will repair it. then activate the mods one at a time like I said above also make sure when your enabling/disabling mods you enable/disable there dependicies too.

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