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No animation for sexis

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When ever I cast cupid arrow or the other one. the charters stand next to each other, in there underwear mind you and that is it. I can hear voices and it even tells me which animation should be running and I can control which animation should be running but no actual animation.


Also I have manually copied the core and data files for sexis over to make sure I have the animations as well as using the nexus mod manager. I do not have boss but the load order is below for you to examine.


PS. The contents from the sexis data zip was copied to skyrim's data folder encase you where wondering.


I have updated skyrim.


I use the skse


the only mods I have are







BTW if you could recommend a nude mode that would be great


thank you for your assistance.

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1) Do you have SKSE installed? It is a requirement as well. Download the latest version from skse.silverlock.org . Follow the instructions there for installing it - the files go in the same folder as the skyrim exe (NOT in the data folder as some people have done), and the scripts folder goes into the data folder.


2) Make sure you are launching from SKSE, not from steam or the skyrim exe.


3) You did run the FNIS Generator for Users correct? If not, go to the FNIS page and read the instructions for running the generator. Also, if you have any other FNIS mods installed, make sure to read those as well as some (like AP) have specific instruction to use them with FNIS.

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