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{Mod idea/Request} Quest Alternatives (role playing)

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Problem: Skyrim's questing system, while fun, does not seem to allow additional role-play type options.  An example might be:

Suppose you are a poor wheat farmer in the lands of white run. You go to the market every day, sell your goods.  Sometimes you explore a little bit and hunt deer or something. But by nightfall, you've already walked back home and are in bed for the night.


Questing:  A lot of quests seem to be given based on a location or item you pick up. For example, when you first walk into riften market, its kind of difficult not to get a "Join the thieves guild" quest.  When you touch that beacon, you instantly get a Meredia questline.

There are other quests you might get by talking to an innkeeper or other NPCs(Riverrun, find the claw- fresh from helgen), for example.  Or when you reach level 10, Dawnguard.


The goal of Idea/Mod:  The Goal or idea behind this mod is two-fold. First, you should have the option to use your home, as a home- as in live there, "most" of the time- if you choose.   Second, the mission board will actually help you explore the entire map.  As it will have a lot of missions you might have usually missed, and perhaps new ones(that comply with the mission board goal. The mission board is like craigslist. Usually, if you live in Alabama, you aren't gonna shop for items on Craigslist in California.  Usually, craigslist is looking to sell/buy stuff in your area in a reasonable travel distance.


How goal might be met:   You are sitting at home, as evening sets in.  The stars begin to shine. Your kid is running around a little more.   A visitor approaches your house (similar to the courier) and says, "I have a mission, would you like it."   You accept it, and the next morning you kiss your significant other goodbye and set out on the quest.  You arrive at the location, do the mission.  Now, to claim whatever reward you need to go to the mission giver, (not the courier who came to your home).  IN this example, you received a mission to recover an item for a person in Dawnstar.  You live in Whiterun, and the item was in Riften.  


Scenario 2(same basic setup). This time, while you are in riften, you visit the inn.  Behind the in keeper is a board with parchments nailed to it.  These are quests.  All of these quests are completed and turned in within the lands of riften.   This type of mission might be similar to the first mission you get out of helgen- recover the claw for the merchant in Riverwood.   But instead of getting the mission from the merchant, you get it from a mission board in the inn.  SO you do the (local) riften quest while working on your (global) riften quest.  You pass through Riften while returning home, turn in your mission, and then to dawnstar to turn in the global one.


Scenario 3(same basic setup), but this time, you find meredias beacon.  Normally, you would hear a voice. This time, nothing happens.  You keep it in your inventory, complete your quest, and return home (home is a particular location, decided by you).  While you are sleeping, a ghost appears- and you get the voice, or are given an option to "accept meridias mission" or reject.  If you reject, the item is removed from inventory.  If you happen to find it again, you get a chance to accept the mission. (note, you still can only do the mission once).


Scenario 4( Dawnguard, Thieves, brotherhood).  You are at your house, and perhaps you notice someone nearby being attacked by vampires. The person being attacked survives(regardless of help from you) and offers you the dawnguard quest.  Thieves, and Brotherhood:  You wake up to a sound, peep outside, and see a hooded figure drop something as they run away. You pick it up; this triggers those quest lines.   The "Missionboard" for the run of the "after your in__" quests are found on mission boards, in the respective DB/Thieves base.



Potential NPCs to be added:
1) an apparition for Meredia type quests.
2) Dawnguard person and a few vampires to fight outside <player home>
3) The shadowy figure for thieves and brotherhood starts


Potential additions to map:
1) objects in various chests, in all locations to be retrieved for mission board quests
2) mission board in all inns, and DB/Thieves/Dawnguard.


Other considerations:
1) should be made in such a way, that anybody with other custom made quests, or expansions, could add their own missions.
2) should be compatible with alternate start type things, and "I'm not Dragonborn."

3) when you complete a missionboard quest, it is removed from the board.


1) Alot of times, Could be gold, or perhaps the person who wanted the item retrieved, really just wanted to make sure it was put to good use.

2) Reputation.  Perhaps you have reputation with each Hold.  As you do quests(global or missionboard) for that hold, your rep increases.  I think RP based rewards versus more loot or discounts might be in order here.   Perhaps each hold has kind of a regional term they apply to their heros, and after you complete the missionboard, you are awarded:
   a) the regional title, pretty much used by all non-hostile NPCs in that region

   b) a special banner to look at, or added to your wall, in your house.


-----  A list of all locations, arranged by hold or region is here:


edits: elaborated, clarified, trying to kind of story board, or do some background research if anyone wants to make the mod.

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1 hour ago, ak0d said:

So you want radiant quests peppered throughout the world more evenly than they currently are?

Basically missives but given when certain events (completion of a quest, end of sexlab scene, acquiring an item etc etc) are completed/triggered?

That would be a start, but perhaps a better summary of the idea is that


Essentially, you role play a farmer in whiterun.  You have a nice house, and youve made a life.   Every so often, someone shows up at your home(and only your home)(so comes to you, like the courier). and says "Hey bubbles, someone would like your help, or has a mission for you, etc."  would you like it?

you accept the mission.
You being working on the mission.

Perhaps you enter dawnstar, and see a mission board with a mission "clear out near by _camp_cave_fort_ruin_etc."  So you do that missionboard mission, turn it into Dawnstar).  Then proceed with the mission you got from the courier.  

You complete the original mission, the instructions conclude "return to ______ at ______"  so you "return to ______ at ______" who gives you a pat on the back perhaps a little gold..  (lets face it, the way skyrim works, you already got your reward/skill up credit).

triggered quests(by picking up items, level, etc)
IN terms of things like picking up merdieas beacon....

IN terms of reaching level 10 and dawnguard,,,,

Perhaps things like that would have a delayed trigger, that would only trigger once you got back home.


Big idea:
The whole idea of this, is centered around, around two ideas:
   1) your home is your base.  not forced to be some vagrant who "has a home" but doesn't really as they are  never there, or have little reason to be there.

   2) making exploring, seem more intentional rather than "oh i just happened to fall into__".

Mission-board idea.. For sake of argument, assume each realm (riften, morthral, dawnstar, etc)   Had 30 different "landmarks (caves, ruins, blackreach, etc).   Each missionboard, in each hold/keep  would have a mission for each landmark.   admittedly, it would get repetitive.. "John in whiterun, lost a sweetroll in the keep of a abandoned fort"  then you go to riften.  "John in riften lost a ...."

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