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Issues with Troll Schlongs

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Hello to the greatest community in gaming! I just got back into Oldrim after a long hiatus and I am loving all the progress that has been made in modding this great game. I have finally (after about 4 days) gotten my Skyrim to be as beautiful and lewd as ever but I am having an issue with my Trolls. As you can see in the attached pictures, the schlong is unattached and just sits there until the animation plays out. I had installed the new ABC mod by BakaFactory but I have since deleted it as there aren't that many mods that take full advantage of it yet.


As for my issue, I have performed the usual clean/reinstall troubleshooting steps regarding Creature framework, MNC, and Sos to no avail. I have tested all other creature anims in sexlab and none of the other creatures experience this issue...Just my favorite one...Trolls. Anyway, I would appreciate any insight on this. I have attached my mod list (which is in reverse order for some reason) and my load order (which is in the correct order).


Thanks and may Dibella bless this community!



loadorder.txt modlist.txt

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