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Anatomically Correct Feral Ghouls, Improved

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On 11/26/2019 at 3:34 PM, Doc_Ctdm said:

Wouldn't clipping be a big issue? Hyper mods always seem to have serious clipping problems and physics would only make it worse. Clipping always takes me out of the whole experience. Immersion destroyed.

I suppose that depends on how well it's done. Personally I find clipping to be an inevitable part of gaming, and since I'm going to be shooting ghouls into bloody bits, it's not a terrible issue if their tiddies and genitals clip a bit. It might bug me more if I had a ghoul minion or something, but honestly, I'm the kind of person for whom simply having gigantic tits, ass and genitalia on a character is always preferable, even at the expense of clipping. If I could give my characters in all games at least massive tits and asses, even while the textures are ridiculously stretched out and they clip with virtually every animation and the like, I still wouldn't mind.
Since clipping and other minor issues are already rampant in every game, my immersion can't be ruined any further by the benefit of enormously enlarged assets.

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