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Missing a component for Estrus Chaurus +

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I have already posted this question on the EC+ support thread, but I'm not sure how actively people look there so I want to ask here as well!


I seem to be missing something for EC+. On the Version Check page in the EC+ MCM menu, every box is checked except for one: NiOverride Plugin v-1. I've tried looking for it, but without much success. IIs there a place you can download NetImmerse for SSE? I think I got the NiOverride Scripts v-1 from RaceMenu, but I didn't see anything about a plugin over on the Nexus.


If anyone knows where to find it, point me in the right direction. Or if you already have this plugin for your own installation, maybe upload it here? :3


Edit: I've been informed that the NiOverride Plugin is no longer necessary for EC+ to function.

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