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few questions


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1. How come I can't use my weapons when using the mod? And how do I fix it?


2. How come when I try using the stool at Lizbeth's camp I just stand there and use the self cast animation and how do I fix it?


3. How do I fix my first person view so that it doesn't keep zooming in and out by itself I didn't have this problem until I started using the mod.


Sorry if you have already answered these questions I couldn't find the answers anywhere else.

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First thing first: Does the initial dream works like it should?


1 You mean you can't draw your weapon?

2 Mod conflict probably, try to disable all the other mods and see if it works, if not we'll investigate more if yes, narrow down until you find the culprit and disable it for the duration of the mod.

3 During CS you'll be in 3rd person view as it's not your Char that the CS uses but a clone.


Sorry, I have only seen this post today.


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