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Skyrim Places - Awesome mod, workshop only

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for having a negative view' date=' he/she seams to have no issues at all linking to their nexus profile for a donate button



If you look the comments he got annoyed at the nexus staff and also the fact his mods where being drowned by anime and nude mods.


I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm simply point out that, even though he is annoyed at nexus for whatever reason. He still gives a link in his description to hie profile on nexus. and specifically mentions that there is a Paypal donation button there.


It seams kinda Flippy Floppy on attitude to say "Yeah I don't like these guys for X and Y reasons, but you can go there anyways and donate me money if you want"


Regardless, I think the mod is interesting and has a lot of potential. And if it wasn't for it being on the Workshop, I would give it a try.

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Skyrim Places - Awesome mod, workshop only

What this mod does is put in missing towns back into skyrim. Most of the towns I believe where there in Arena, but are now missing.


Its workshop only, the author seems to have a rather negative view of the nexus due to its moderators and admin policies - gee wonder why that might be.




this is why i hate steam workshop , say i found a mod that i like in this case overhaul on steam workshop community you wanna know how pain in the ass just to get 300mb file took me 5 hours to get it, and you know what when i finally got it , it made my game CTD which i forgot to patch the game and then i had to get on steam again , and re do all over , when nexus had mod you have choice to download earlier version and recent version manually i like how nexus has organized mods but damn you moderator staff being an asswipe trying to dictate what file you can upload.

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