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Crash issue


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Hello folks, first of all Ive got a little problem with some mods.

and installed them myself, the most of the time I can play skyrim without crashs but now if I move in whiterun into A house or tavern.


it crashes immediately, the same on other towns like riften.


Load Order :


• 00 Skyrim.esm


• 01 Update.esm


• 02 ApachiiHair.esm


• 03 ApachiiHairFemales.esm


• 04 JSwords.esm


• 05 MiniLovers Idles.esm


• 06 MiniLoversSound.esm


• 07 RaceCompatibility.esm


• 08 EnhancedCharacterEdit.esp


• 09 DudestiaMultiMarriages.esp


• 0A FNISspells.esp


• 0B EMCompViljaSkyrim.esp


• 0C JSwords.esp


• 0D Aradia Leather Armour.esp


• 0E MiniLovers.esp


• 0F MiniLoversExtension.esp


• 10 Ars Magika.esp


• 11 MiniLoversSoundSpell.esp


• 12 multimarriage.esp


• 13 TheEyesOfBeauty.esp


• 14 NiruinsBusinessPlan.esp


• 15 NiuNiu.esp


• 16 Orc&ElfFix4TBBP.esp


• 17 SantaRobes.esp


• 18 sextoys-calyps-2.esp


• 19 TS_SlickArmour.esp


• 1A yangyang_SavageArmor.esp


• 1B Derrax_Male_Werewolf_ANIMALpenis.esp


• 1C SoBL.esp


• 1D BBP_ArmorPack.esp


• 1E BBP_ArmorPack2.esp


• 1F Balanced_Magic.esp


• 20 ASX_Spells.esp


• 21 DaggerCraft.esp


• 22 RichMerchants.esp


• 23 CarryWeightless.esp


• 24 Zorgat's C.esp





Wrye smash didnt find anything that conflict with each other.

Maybe Dawnguard is required for the Enhanced character mod?

but I use an old version of this.


I will send the Papyrus log if I find some more problems.


Thank you all so far.

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I Had somewhat this Same Issue but I was crashing on Fast Travel

After Googe-ling For a bit ,


I did Three things ,


1. 4gb Patcher ( Its not required after the Update , I still Did it anyways)

2. Lowered My Texture Settings to Medium

3. Control Panel / Sound / Speakers / Speakers properties / Advanced

I set the sample rate and bit depth to 24 bit , 44100Hz


The Crashes have Stopped , Since then and this was about 2 days a go


Good Luck

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hmm the graphic and sound issure would make sense.


When I start Skyrim the sound makes some strange noises but thats only very short. on the other hand some normal textures of weapon and armors are sometimes blue. If I close and open iventory again you see all things normal.


damn I thought I could play skyrim on High textures. without problems :/.

Ive bought a new Pc thats the reason why im frustrated about this problem.


The Sound and graphic problem could be the same as yours. I try it , and will report back with an Edit of this post.


Thanks so far.


Edit: Setting down the settings , with sound and graphic was a good solution.

Thank you for the help Masterchris :).


Solved !

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