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Female Groan/Grunt


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My Character, Kyou Okizaki, is a Soulcaptor, and is currently venturing through a personal quest but my character is missing the perfect groan/grunt sound. I've searched all over the internet and all the player character sounds i have gotten sound like they love trees and the the wild or they sound like they are dark priestesses that want to kill everything -.-....Now these are what i request for someone to find or make:


-Middle aged groan/grunt (not to young and not to old...like around the age of 25)


-make it so they dont sound like they enjoy getting hit (and dont make it sound like they are doing "it" or getting raped :/)


ps. dont reomend any of the pc sound sets i tryed all of em' -.-

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Are there any games (or other media for that matter) with a voice that matches what you have in mind? Sometimes you can pull the voice from that with special tools and it makes a good fit.


Yeah, those pc sound sets are sort of limited, you might like some of the other ones at the mirror that are used primarily for BG series.

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Honestly i was thinking of the voice of yuri from angelbeats or just something that sounds of course feminine but mature i can try to post a picture of my character if that helps you guys think of a good voice, though ive tried and posting a picture on this site is a pain -.- anyway i can send it to you?


edit: maybe this?







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Yes but the vanilla groan/grunt sounds for females sounds like they're hacking up a sword or something and it didn't sound right for my character and Honestly after playing Skyrim for a while the nord sounds are the best i'm going to get but the problem is its not a music file -.- can anyone get me a download link of the skyrim nords groan/grunt that's a music file?


Plus if you want me to be more specific on what groan/grunt im requesting this is what i DO NOT want:


-To young like Colourwheels voice file


-TOO evil and TOO innocent like the sound sets


-Sound like there enjoying that fact that they are getting hit (or getting raped)


This what I Want:


-Something that sounds like or is the female nords in skyrim (its the closest thing im going to get)


-Not to old and not to young (age 20-30 preferred)


I hope thats not pulling a leg :D....So if anyone can get me the female nord grunts/groans from skyrim then case closed :/

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-Middle aged groan/grunt (not to young and not to old...like around the age of 25)

25? Middle aged?


You are joking aren't you?


The vanilla 'been hit sounds' no good? The Redguard Female can sound appropriate.


Plus you take one look at my character and just think if the vanilla groan/grunt fits -.-

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If you like the female nord voice from Skyrim you can unpack the voices bsa (or whatever format, bethsoft never changes), look in nord female voice, convert the files to mp3 used by oblivion, plug it in elzeevoice or myvoice and you're done.


As for that anime if you wish to use that then I'm sure it won't be too hard to find soundboard/voice only of that character somewhere.

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Well i install skyrim, i unpack the bsa sound file goto the femalenord folder and there is 3 problems first of all theres TONS of files and finding the groan/grunt file is going to be a pain 2. when ever i try changing what it opens with all the things i tried says it cant open the file becuase it doesnt reconice FUZ and 3. the names of the files are strange increasing the dificulty of finding it :/

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