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Sexout not working at all for me?

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I installed Sexout 2.6.71 both the data and the esm, and when i go to play the game, I loaded a new save I made and when it fully "loads" the save, it crashes. I have also redownloaded it twice.


Sexout is the newest version

I have NVSE and the extender

I've also downloaded SCR and some other plugins

I have the Skeleton Kit too


If anyone needs me to i can post the load order but i don't think that it matters here.

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This issue generally means you installed the incorrect version of NVSE. You need 3b2.


Thanks got it fixed awhile ago, when I first got sexout that part was a bit confusing, if someone could they should make that clear on how to install sexout, saw some others that had this same issue.

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