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Good place to get started with blender?


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Hi folks. I wanted to start learning how to use blender. I have done some searching on google already but want to ask here because I am not sure if I have found the best sources.


I found this:



Is this is a good starting point? Is it up to date? Are the versions listed there, the ones I should be using? Are there any other good written tutorials that you might recommend?


Also are there any good videos that you would recommend?



Thank you. :)

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right here


be sure to read the documentation and google the blender noob to pro tutorials


Thanks. It looks like some stuff from the tutorial I found was indeed out of date. I see that this package does not contain a version of Nifskope. Should I be using 1.0.22 or the latest 1.1.3?



^^ This looks exactly like what I was looking for. I did not come across it when I was searching on my own. Thank you very much. :)

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