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Lop ears elf 2 body textures & ridiculously cute characters


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Like many other races, Lop-Ears Elf II is using the Imperial body textures found in 'Data\Textures\Characters\Imperial'.

There are male and female sub-folders in there.


If you replace these files, all vanilla human races (even Redguards!) and several elven races will profit from the same better skin you choose. The ear and face textures however are individual files added by installing the L-EE II race.


They are found in the folder 'Data\Textures\Characters\Lop-ears Elf II' in case you ever want to replace those.


But make sure your intended replacement facial texture is compatible with the race's particular head mesh!

Some textures are tailor-made for the completely different 'Head06' mesh for example. Just open the head in NifSkope and assign your replacement texture to it to see if it fits (in the rare case there is no readme or description explicitly mentioning possible incompatibilities).


The same body meshes are shared by all races in the game. To glossify them, you need to edit these four files:


'Femalehand', 'Femalefoot', 'Femalelowerbody' and 'Femaleupperbody', found in 'Data\Meshes\Characters\_Male' (sounds paradox, I know).


As with the textures, the head and ear meshes are unique to this race, so you need to edit those files in their respective folders in 'Data\Meshes\Characters\Lop-ears Elf II'.

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