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Undress option and Bodyreplacers during sex

Guest prodlimen

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Guest prodlimen

Hi there!. I have a question about the undress option:


I have Sexout installed (ver 2.6.71) and it works great. It uses the bodyreplacers that came included so all the animations run flawlessly good XD.It's compatible with A tale of Two Wastelands and other similar mods, so I'm really happy with it.


There's an issue I would like to ask about. No matter which Body

replacer I use (Roberts, Brawler, exnem, etc...) when sex occurs the NPCS bodies change to Sexout default ones. This has an advantage and a disadvantage: While all bodies are displayed in a correct position during sex animations, the inmersion breaks when certain NPCs have a

very different bodyreplacer from the default. For example, if you're using Roberts body replacer the difference is not so big since it's

similar in proportions to Breeze's; however, if an NPC is an arnold

schwarzenegger with Brawler Body or a Shehulk type with Athletic Body Type Bouncing BNB and suddenly changes to the default one the resultant effect is inmersion-breaking.


I'm aware that the provided body replaces were selected so all the sex animations can match smoothly and that goal was nicely achieved. However, I would like to know if there's a way to keep the diversity between races/bodyreplacers during sex.


Animation prostitution mod has an option to undress the NPC's removing the items and putting them into a box; this allow your NPC's to perform sex with their original Bodyreplacers, I mean, the one

that comes with the race they have assigned to them. Is there a way do something like this in Sexout ver 2.6.71, via MCM, GECK or something?. If the answer is no, is there a chance this option could be implemented in a future version?.


Thanks for your help in advance! ;).

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If you open up "Sexout - Nudes.bsa", you'll see the paths of all the meshes and textures the Sexout bodies (defaults) use. If you place actual files at those locations in your data/meshes and data/textures locations the bsa files will not be used, those files will be used.


The preferred option is to use the proper undress settings in the MCM Menu for Sexout. Player clothes, Male Clothes and Female Clothes MCM Menus you should have them undress according to what you want (Consensual ( CON ) vs Nonconsensual ( R ) ) and choose "Use Undress List". That way it will undress the NPC down to their existing body type as defined by their race and not use a substitute body unless they are male, in which case upperbodymale-erect.nif from data/meshes/characters/_male will always be given to them as a bodysuit to be worn.


So, basically, do both of what I said above. Put a nude erect male replacer in data/meshes/characters/_male/ and for females, use the correct undress option in the MCM Menus. Though, TBH, if you like the Breeze default erect nude male, that's what the Sexout male replacer is and you'll be fine accepting the Sexout default bodysuit. I'd only replace it if you use something else like Kendo's BIG BOY or Robert's body or something else. If you do use Robert's, make sure and replace the male textures as well, they are UV mapped to Breeze, not Robert.

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Hi there!

Have a little question about sexout! It is how can I use alternative female body mesh for sexout scenes?

Basicly I use type 3 mesh with underwear. So I'd like to add alternative mesh without undies just for sexout animation. But I don't know how. I tried to make some changes in sexout.esm (for example there such thing as "SexoutNude" (or SexoutNG nude body M1) outfit - as I understand it is a mesh of a body wich is placed in sexout scenes. It only have mesh for male body (and it is working - basic male body in underwear changes into erected body maesh in sexout scenes. So I placed the female body mesh and fix the path for it in "SexoutNude" properties (for female model) but nothing changed (((( And I don't know what to fix to make it work. (((((((((((((

(Sorry for my bad English)

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