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What mods should i get to get myself started?


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Hi all I have is skyrim client only without any BOSS(?) or wayne bash or things like that.


So it would be really great if any of you guys could recommend me the mods and software i should get to get myself started


Thanks heaps :)


tools you will need if you want a good modding :






how to improve Skyrim :

-disable the in-game Anisotropic Filtering and antialiasing setting' date=' and instead apply it through your graphics card's control panel.

-find a good tweaking guide for skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini. This can really help you.

-optimizer textures.

-find a good ENB (i am not your mother ^^)

-find a good ENB tweaking guide. http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/8005

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You don't need Wyre Bash, BOSS or TES Edit. If you want adult mods without that stuff just use FNIS with ASX. There's also AP (Adult Prostitution) and there's instructions on Nexus to tell you how to use ASX and AP together. There's also a little one less popular one named Niruins Business Plan which you can find here on LL.


If you want to use Animated Objects you'll need to use SKSE as well. You could also use Mini Lovers, but honestly I don't really much see difference in it compared to the previous listed mods. There's not much else done at this point that has been shared with the gaming community from my knowledge.


You want to be careful mixing up these mods. It can lead to CTDs or freezes. If you use FNIS, ASX, SKSE and Animated Objects you should have a pretty entertaining set up. Hope that helps.

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