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There are lots of combat rape/conditional sex mods in skyrim. But there is no casino style gameplay like in FONV. There is Skycasino but is longly abandoned and lacks content.


So the scenario in my head is;


A casino in Riften (or outskirts of any hold if you want) is being opened. Only rich people are allowed (as it should be). There is an info desk for entrance. You give the entrance fee (like 2000 septims) and instead of giving you chips, they give you an attire (at least 5 pieces; bra,panty, bottom,top, stocking+heels). Then you go inside a new room. There are blackjack, roulette, poker, dice etc. games. And the rule is simple: you bet your attire pieces on the games. If you win 15 times without getting fully stripped, then you win. There should be no way to redeem your lost attire too, so you would only have 5 irreversible lose chances. And you should win like 10k septims (due to the risk of the upcoming event). Or if you think money is useless in skyrim, the prize could be permanent stat altering potions, very high stat armor/staff/weapon on your choice, thaneship, a custom follower or a skill raise. If you lose, then you would be forced to serve the clients as a service girl for a certain amount of time. They may grope PC, demand sex, alcohol, skooma, or may even force to feed PC with skooma. Other quests, like dancing or being whipped could be also implemented. This service time should be configurable. So this should not be a slavery mod, instead it should entice player to get more risks to get a really good prize. Even if you lose 2k septims and being "serviced", you still have a chance to win the big prize, or continue your life, since you are not bound to slavery rules as the other mods do right now.


I am not a modder myself. But a real casino with some kinky features like this is lacking right now. Yes there is Skycasino but it requires some polishing, internal quests and extra features. If there is a modder interested such a thing, i am sure that not only me but lots of people would be interested to play such a mod.

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