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  1. Post rape scenarios can be interesting. These are the ones coming in to my mind. -PC lost a combat and now she is a captive. So NPC would like to disarm PC, bind her into a furniture or some restraints. We all know this part is fairly done in nearly every defeat mod. Frequent sex scenes would be also included (as always) . However, the innovation would be the NPCs may make some dialogues between themselves. Who will be the master of the new girl? Is there a master at first place (public servant/slave)? Should she be sold (if there is slavery in Skyrim)? Or may be one of those bandit are fallen into love and would like to help her. Run with her? Make her a bandit? Or just let the other bandits easy on her. May be some kind of "bandit slayer" party is formed and you would be tried to be saved. Or will this adventure increase the captive number to 2, or may be 3. Then player may plot with those captives to run. One girl may seduce the key holder bandit and may slip her hands into his pocket. Or PC may get trust of her captors, pickpocketing the key and some weapons. All those scenarios and dialogues should also involve the realistic behaviour of a bandit camp. Some bandits may need to sleep and others should be awake for guard duties (%50-%50 ratio would be the simplest). Some should be outright cruel and some should be easy on you. It should be done in order to prevent the fuckfest the other defeat mods does. Also gives you a better chance to sneak past all those sleeping beauties. (if you finally got a chance) -Other one is like using PC as a servant. One place is dirty? Go clean it while PCs naked body is being watched. Some beds need to be tidied up? Some of the bandits may use that bed for other purposes. Cleaning up toilets, serving the bandits' private needs directly, fetching some skooma for a bandit or splitting some wood for the night. All those may induce direct or indirect sex/voyeurism/spanking/tie down scenes (like a bandit accompanying you while you split the wood with the axe given to you, while he is watching PC's ass to be split by his wood. Dont forget PC would have an axe and use it to break free from their captors). Food and water should be an issue for bandits. May the bandit leader asks you to go the closest city with some coin in order to buy some food/water/skooma/booze. He may poison you with some effect, and it may instantly kill you after a definite time, if you dont give him the food of course, since he would have an antidote to cure it from you (like a timebomb poison). You may also try your luck while on that hold, going to the alchemist and trying to cure that poison. While you come back to the camp, some guards or adventurers may follow you in order to spot bandit's den. This may give you some bounty, flagging you as a criminal. So you got the food. Now it is time to cook it. Would you poison them(if you collected some deathbells with nightshade, or purchased one good poison while you are at hold)? Or mix some sleep inducing drugs. Or some skooma to make them wonky and generally non responsive. Or the bandits were more clever than you, inspecting your every hole before you mix all those vile concotions in their food. What if they find them? Will they kill you on sight? Or since you are very useful (hey you can get into holds and grab all those merchandise without any hassle), may they only cage you, whip you or attach you in a furniture for some time? The following is not about a combat rape mod (heck the paragraph before this is also about a quest mod). But I think this can be done as a quest mod involving some sex scenes with a post combat rape scenario. It is also known that in real life, those bandits are just gangs and all those gangs are generally hostile to each other. After such defeat, (and captivity described above) one bandit gang may also start a bandit raid on the other bandit camp. This may create very interesting results as the PC is a captive. PC may try to help the invading gang, distracting or attacking the hosts (if the PC has some freedom). Or it may go vice-versa, making the PC respected among the host gang if victory is achieved. By some influence and some dialogues, the PC may even become the leader after some more victories on raids. May a truce may be done between two gangs and you may be traded to other gang for goodwill. Then what can be the outcomes? You may be the target from the first day and would be the one of the girls in bandit leaders harem. You may service the bandits, the leader, do the chores (as said above-lots of quest material). One of the bandits may be seduced by you, involving a duel between the leader and your lover. The lover may win and you may be his wife/fuckmeat/slavegirl. Or what if there was a lover in your post bandit gang? He may sneak on the camp and try to rescue you? What can happen if he fails? Another battle? Or can the PC can mediate the feud, ending the all battles. Then what could be done? May the PC a servant for both sides? There are lots of options and such quests can be triggered by a simple rape mod, making such a thing a giant quest mod. I know the things I talk about are a bit too much and complicated, but hey if someone can make slaverun quest chains, then this can be done too (imo).
  2. I saw this mod today and looks awesome. Looks like I will install SE just for this mod. Hope this will be ported to LE since majority of high caliber mods are in LE section... Kudos to creator and keep up the good work. Cant think how much work need to be done to fill everywhere with people, adding navmeshes and all those stuff.
  3. I would like to give an insight about a scenario: In Skyrim (vanilla) there is no slavery (or it is uncommon) and no one walks with bondage gear in public in vanilla. If we think about a heavily LL mod included game of Skyrim, then there is bondage, yeah but it is generally apparent if they are slaves of someone (slaverun, maria eden etc.). However a self-bondaged character is unseen. So our NPCs does not know what to do for a bound PC as we do not know too. So they will consult to their Jarl, as he is the most influential person there. This is where our scenario comes in. So people gathered and escorted you to the jarl. Since towns are semi-legal oriented places with guards in it, killing, raping on sight or any other offensive things should not be done before jarl's command. Jarl will be the judge what will happen to you. In that place, your deeds may be a deciding factor. Are you a thane? Then you would be ignored and do what you want with those devices. Or are you a thief or former thief, member of thieves guild or a member of dark brotherhood? Then you may be a public servant of all citizens of that city, which may they use you for several things. This may go from standard sex, pissing, masturbation, to the tasks like carrying some load (with armbinders, where some tripping events may make you drop your load, making the people angry on you) or using your assets (tits, ass etc.) to make an advertisement of a shop (like Belethor). May a trip from Windhelm to Whiterun is very long, and transportation carts may need your services for small pauses during the trip (using as a toilet, sexdoll or even as a horse to push the cart). A Jarl may use you as a bribe tool too. A bandit leader becoming too problematic? Give the gift of bondage whore to please him (or may be a trojan horse, by her anus and vagina filled with poisons, making her a good weapon to assasinate him). Vampires raiding a settlement? PC may be used as a blood fountain for the vampires. Lots of crops needed to be taken? Use the bondage whore (picking leek and carrots with her ass or pussy, maybe). Lack of mining hands? PC is a gift wrapped in leather and ebonite, use her (both as excavator(drill attached to her vagina, powered by soulgem plugs inside of it) and a good motivation for miners). Mages want to experiment on soul gems? Let them insert a gem inside her vagina and cast some spells on it, experimenting different aspects of Soulgem Oven. Settlement is too dull and need some entertainment? Give PC a blindfold and see if she can walk to a destination(ex. barracks or castle to give some message) in very limited of time. Let the people bet on her. If she hits someone or fails to deliver the message in time, then she may be fucked, locked in a ZaZ furniture for some time. If she wins, then it means less bondage items. Think like a strip poker, but stripping is made on devious items. The dialogue with Jarl may change from Jarl to Jarl. Female Jarls may sympathize you and let you go, or just clean your bondage items. Balgruuf may think you an assassin or a spy and may send you to the barracks, letting his guards to search PC, in every hole. Ulfric may use you as a moralizing tool for his soldiers. Riften Jarl may get every septim from you and direct you to the Black Briar family to get some political favor. Morthal may think the vampire problem is too much and use your body to dampen the problem a bit. Silver bloods may think you as a nice mining tool. After some time, Jarl may think that this is enough (PC is given a good lesson not to tie herself up when she is not enslaved, since this gives a bad example to his subjects), and may free the bondage whore from her duties (stripping the devices too).
  4. Is it abandoned/going to be integrated/thought as redundant/simply vanished/on hiatus? Lots of hard work is being done by its authors (whom i thank) and cannot understand why the files are drawn back from access even if they do not support their threads. There are even mods from 2013 with no updates and people still can get them (skyrim). It is the authors decision to lock the threads, unload the files from the site and restrict access and I %100 respect it.
  5. Is there any mod that enables npcs to strip PC when they are aroused? Especially stripping piece by piece? I would like to use it with Deviously Enslaved or Aroused Rape.
  6. There are lots of combat rape/conditional sex mods in skyrim. But there is no casino style gameplay like in FONV. There is Skycasino but is longly abandoned and lacks content. So the scenario in my head is; A casino in Riften (or outskirts of any hold if you want) is being opened. Only rich people are allowed (as it should be). There is an info desk for entrance. You give the entrance fee (like 2000 septims) and instead of giving you chips, they give you an attire (at least 5 pieces; bra,panty, bottom,top, stocking+heels). Then you go inside a new room. There are blackjack, roulette, poker, dice etc. games. And the rule is simple: you bet your attire pieces on the games. If you win 15 times without getting fully stripped, then you win. There should be no way to redeem your lost attire too, so you would only have 5 irreversible lose chances. And you should win like 10k septims (due to the risk of the upcoming event). Or if you think money is useless in skyrim, the prize could be permanent stat altering potions, very high stat armor/staff/weapon on your choice, thaneship, a custom follower or a skill raise. If you lose, then you would be forced to serve the clients as a service girl for a certain amount of time. They may grope PC, demand sex, alcohol, skooma, or may even force to feed PC with skooma. Other quests, like dancing or being whipped could be also implemented. This service time should be configurable. So this should not be a slavery mod, instead it should entice player to get more risks to get a really good prize. Even if you lose 2k septims and being "serviced", you still have a chance to win the big prize, or continue your life, since you are not bound to slavery rules as the other mods do right now. I am not a modder myself. But a real casino with some kinky features like this is lacking right now. Yes there is Skycasino but it requires some polishing, internal quests and extra features. If there is a modder interested such a thing, i am sure that not only me but lots of people would be interested to play such a mod.
  7. There are good options for combat rape, but how about a rape combat? So we should look for why a bandit wants pc to fuck. A good framework, like DEC (Devious Enslaved Cont.) should be created first. So a bandit should be horny to go for fuck not for kill. So arousal should be used. Our enemy is horny, and he wants action. Also you are an enemy of them. Normal procedure is combat till death. Since you are sexy and he wants you alive, and also he wants himself alive, he may say a line like "if you drop your wep, i will spare you". So if you conform with it, then a menu for persuade, intimidate and bribe options should appear. This menu may also be expanded and different speech options could be inserted ( bandit may say i tricked you, or you may charm him, use some mead or skooma-may be poisoned skooma who knows- if things are spiced etc.) . Say, PC did not conform that bandit. So he still wants PC, but she is an enemy for sure. First, he needs to neutralize the threat. And he doesnt want you to be killed either. Thats where creativity can come. Some alternatives can be injected; Lasso or net, nets like gladiatiors use or lassoes like cowboys use. NPC can trigger an animation for using those, giving some time for PC to dodge from that, or attack NPC to kill him outright during animation (since they cant block or dodge during animation phase), giving a medium risk-medium reward combat neutralization chance. Of course if the net or lasso gets a success roll, then PC disarms/staggers/falls. Post fall or stagger scenarios are at the bottom to make the rape combat starting. Paralyze, very direct and clear. If NPC (especially mage ones) may cast it, triggering a paralyze for given time. This can be checked by roll, so it may be saved from too. Also paralyze spell could make a distinct noise and some casting time, giving PC time to dodge. Neurotoxin. Same with paralyze spell, but as a poison. Only for rangers. Since giving all those melee behaviours to a ranged NPC would make such them a bit wonky, an alternative can be thought of. Can be cancelled entirely and only trap and run can be used in rangers. Can be thinked about. Flanking. So you are attacked from mulitple bandits. Some can try to flank PC and hold PC from their arms and neutralize her. This could be done by some different behaviours, like in order to flank PC, the bandit sprinting to the back side of the PC, creating a high risk-high reward position for attackers. Jumping to PC. This is a bit like kamikaze. May be used as last resort ( 3 bandits are dead and he is the last one, with his hp at half, you are at full, he has no stamina left, then he may turn into this approach.) NPC may try to jump into PC direction, hoping for disarm and getting a upper hand on hand to hand combat, creating a mini-game like combat. PC can dodge from NPC since this will involve some animations. If it fails, then PC can easily kill the NPC, since NPC will be on the ground. If it succeeds, then PC and NPC is disarmed and some hand to hand combat may initiate with some different aspects. (NPC on top, trying to choke PC, or trying to punch the face of PC, or any other things, can be more creative). Trap and Run. This is a bit more complex. So our bandits thought you are a hard nut to crack, and they retreat (No more i yield, i yield line can be used). Or there are some rangers with some trapping skills. However, when they are retreating, some of them may have already trapped some areas. Traps like tripwires, making you fall and vulnerable is the most primtive and easy to make trap. Some of them may do it when the combat starts, behind their lines (assuming you are facing more than 2 enemies), making the combat is a bit more interesting. These traps can be spotted, however they will be dynamic and surprising to player if no attention is given. So our PC fell or staggered, what now? There should be roll with some different animations for different outcomes. You may fall due to lasso on your feet. And if the NPC is too far from PC, our hero may be able to cut the rope, or get out of net. However this would need some time. If PC can stand before the NPC comes into a critical distance, then no roll or any animation appears. However, if PC is in critical distance, then well, an animation like jumping into PC may be done. This fight should be in heavily favor of NPC. If our PC can dispatch the NPC in close combat, and no NPC is near (or other NPC is too far from PC), then fight may continue, with some handicaps to PC with a dead/unconcious/wounded struggled NPC (depending on the outcome of rolls during the ground-brawl phase). If not, then it is rape. If another NPC is in critical distance (2v1) , then it is automatically fail without any roll (rape start). What if our hero is started to get raped? After all those checks, rape would happen eventually. Some creativity may come into play in. Like, you are a poison master and why not poison your vagina before getting into a bandit cave? Or while raping happens you tricked them as you have fainted, and their guard downs and a counter-strike options may arise. Or you know some spells and burn the ropes of the bondage. Or the bandits did not check your boots and there is a dagger tucked there, waiting to be used. All the skills that you have on your sleeves may be used in both passive and active ways to counter even if the rape scenes starts. Dressing up.So PC is raped, and all the options are extinguished. And everyone needs to dress up. However an exhausted and euphoric bandit cannot dress its iron armor in 1 sec. And it cannot sex with his greatsword in his back either. So both armors and the weapons should be dropped and NPC should be flagged to deny any armor for some time (they can pick up weapons after a shorter time than armor ones). If PC can get rid of her bondage after the rape in a given time, then there can be an opportunity to strike them back, even if PC may have debilitating debuffs, this can be an equilizing card. A bound sword may wreck havoc on the ranks of exhausted unarmored bandit ranks, even if our hero is battered.
  8. I dont know if this is a good place to write in here, but since I found an outlet to write it, I will write it. The idea is not about sex or anything relevant about it, but as a general overhaul, or even a framework which may or may not interact with the adult face of the skyrim mods. There is no nexus or ll mod that enables you to finish the game without even drawing a sword, by using real diplomacy, bribe and coercion. Yes, there are some cheesy ones (like manually editing factions without quests or any other means) but I would like to have a faction standing mod. But this should be intricate and well designed, like some other games have implemented. If you played Freelancer (loads of factions) that if you complete bandit factions quests, then you get more friendly to bandits (more than 10 bandit factions) and you got hostile to police or military factions. You can see the alliances and enemies of all factions and give you a score from -100 to +100. You can change it with quests or generic encounters (combats against other factions and helping them) if you are neutral or positive. If you are in negative points with a faction (which is the tricky one) then you have to find a representative of such faction in a neutral/friendly station (make it a neutral town if you want to get it in skyrim). But everything has its drawbacks so you will get - faction points for their enemies and + faction points for their allies. So why the hell should I ally with bandits (apart from RPG reasons)? Thats for sure you are asking. In that game (Freelancer), if you really go for exploration, you need to go for uncharted lands, infested with non-government factions (miners, neutral settlers and bandits). Also if you can get access to their stations, you can get weapons which you cannot get from police faction. Also those stations can sell you non-combat goods ( in Freelancer these are tech goods, like alien artifacts , nuclear fuel, nanocomputers, semiconductors etc. make it in skyrim, let them sell dwemer artifacts, ores and wooden parts in low price and buy food in high price, boom you have a trade with bandit faction. May be after some good reputation, you get some unique deals for armor/wep/mount/potion/spell/follower). So by being good to bandits (or even neutral) not only you can avoid their attacks, but also profit from them. Insert some good quests (or generic quests) which can fit into respective faction, boom you can generate life into devoid skyrim npcs. Also this will increase the depth of skyrim. And I am sure that skyrim is meant to have such thing, since the quest starts as you are a fugitive, going to helgen with stormcloak leader and fighting against legion town guards, but still able to join legion, which shouts at you saying "forge your own destiny". By maintaining the balance, you can even make a character who is neutral to everyone, just walking, trading, sometimes bribing, sometimes persuading. But there is another aspect. So you are trying to maintain relations, but your character needs to have such gravitas in order to make bandits/vampires/warlocks/forsworn revere you. Not only money. Being dragonborn only gives you gravitas? Well may be it is ok. But what if you are not a dragonborn (there are mods that lets you not to be a sleazy dragonborn). Some quests should give you more gravitas, like you killed some vampires on some jarl's request, and since vampires are a menace for everyone and hard to kill, then it means you are a badass and should not be messed with. Same goes for reputation. If you killed some vampires, since everyone hates them, from bandits to vigilant of stendarr, your reputation should increase. If you become a person like Blade, then not even one bandit make an aggressive movements against you. Because not only you are a badass, but also you may be a person who will get some friends if you are harmed. From the other side, by only having good friends in powerful positions due to completing peaceful quests may save you from getting attacked from some random bandits (since you are very important) or become too important and weak enough just to be a target for kidnap. Yes I know this idea is too branched, hard to do, very hard to optimize (and possibly script heavy) and non-sex mod, I can understand you may think this idea is too much for its buck.
  9. Ty for the mod, really it is cool. There is a new mod, which spawns some investigators on the road. Can you make a thing like this at the entrance of the gate? (no guard wants a non-citizen come into the city with weapons equipped. You may want to pay with your body to get access, or he may want to get advantage of you, starting animation of stripping) And they should get some gold or items during that "search". A high value, easy to hide and good quality weapon can become "missing" instead of stored in storage chest where your pointy belogings are stored. Also tripping on people is rather avoidable and unimmersive. A randomly picked male can sneak up and start the animation, which will make the animations more believeable. Well it may be also very unimmersive when you are groped in front of two guards, just near avenicci hammers the sword. No. Rapers should lure you. Like at midnight, a random laborer says pst behind the bannered mare and lures you into trap, behind ysolda's house. However this should be well-built. Like why PC would go there? There should be a carrot to make the horse run. Thats why your gear/gold should leak/stolen from the guards that checked you before. The calling npc should say like "i got the sword you dropped before" or "i can give you some of your gold". That person should not be seen from guards, since he is giving back some possesion that the other guards taken. So he is well hidden from others and also he is away from your standart locations. This person can be a thief, stealing it from the guard, luring you to get more gold from you by tying you up or a good hearted person bought your sword from him (like amren, you got his sword, he got your sword), or a merchant buying back your stolen possessions and wanting some favor (maybe some quests to get some stolen goods from bandit lair, or that favor is your body, who knows?) or mixture of this (a good hearted thief giving you back everything stolen, or a darth-amren looking kind and good but raping you with nazeem). Of course these scenarios can be multplied (thalmor inquisticars looking at your body if you have some talos worshipping devices, stormcloaks looking for messages of imperial scouts and agents, same for imperials, alikrs looking for that noble redguard, searching your body if you got that "scar", a drunk in tavern groping you from behind since he is drunk, a horny bard trying to make you drunk and getting advantage of it, some adventurer giving you a map for treasure he cannot reach out etc.). Of course some should be real and not a trap to incentivize the PC to go such places (like drunk person may apologize you if you wont submit, even give some gold to make you silent or that adventurer was really kind and only wants you some share of it after that quest, not springing a trap). And afaik roh zima got some searching animations (or some other animators i dont recall right now) and your animations can be easily integrated to those animations which will suit the game. I think if you twist your mod into a thing like this, it would make it much more diverse. Hey those NPCs want to rape, why not let them spring some traps?
  10. I like Defeat, at its essence it is good but can be better. We got post defeat scenarios like enslavement for fuck-slave, sold as slave or sold as whore outcomes. You can run away, sneak others, wait for a patrol (esp. outdoors) etc if you are captured. These outcomes are over-worked imo. Loads of slave mods and I cant say I really like them (you are either fucked every minute as a whore or as a slave, and nothing else, lack of quests) but this is another topic right now. I think that a post-rape scenarios should be enriched. Like our hero comes in a cave, struggles to kill some bandits, and raped. We are ok with this since it is simple. However, a rape scenario should be variable. Loads of variables should be done. Like if you submit yourself, the damage done on hero's body should be low (like ankle sprains or some scratches). However if your hero tries to resist during rape or kill some bandits then submits due to low health, then the rapers should be more aggresive and worse outcomes should be done (like broken arm, deep scratches, serious injury in leg etc.) which will totally destroy combat capacity of the hero. The effects should be active for some time and should demote as time passes (broken arm-arm injury-sprained arm- normal). And ofc a broken arm should be plastered by a doctor and you cant use one of your arm. If both are broken, good luck. These dmg could be also applied during combat, but its another topic and too complicated. Same damage should be applied to psychology too. PC comes from Helgen (or from tavern who doesnt use LAL these days). And you got limited combat prowess. PC did not kill any1 before (look at those starting skill points). First killing should be traumatic. After some killings, trauma should lessen and sensitvity should drop. Same for rape. Raping should be very traumatic. It should create devastating effects for some time. However if you kill the raper then it should lessen the burden. After much killing and understanding the cruelty of such world, PC should be both aware of dangers and understand what can happen to him/her. Also this should make a dynamic yielding system. If your PC got real dmg (like %60 70 hp dmg) from the first encounter, then PC may submit without your control. There is an option like this in Defeat but can be remade in more dynamic ways (psychological resistance). Some uncontrollable events (like crying in town after some trauma, fleeing and using all the stamina during fight, using scrolls that you wont use, tripping, shaking etc.) can be implemented. Same things can be implemented on bandits or other npcs which have limited combat prowess. Think like this. It is a mortal combat. PC does not want to die. PC does not want to submit either. But can do everything to live. And you should not control every bit of this, especailly if your PC is not trained well. In defeat-like mods, this should be the main priority. Ofc there are some mods that enables you to combat seduction (in scent of sex you can make rules similar to that) or any other interesting / high fantasy things (things in the dark etc.), but since we are talking about a semi-realistic defeat like mod, these are the things are in my mind.
  11. Draugrnarok. Draugrs everywhere and all merchants are dead. Every city is dead. So gold is useless now. Only material has some value. Combine it with mortal weapons and equipment or loot and degradation with any needs mod, you will have the perfect mod in which gold is pretty useless.
  12. Firstly thanks about the mod and its content. It is huge, detailed and as organic as a mod can be. However as every thing has its flaws and this mod is not flawless either. I would like to list the things that can be remedied (if content creator has the will of course) 1. the slave agents has different dialogues differing from location to loaction. In whiterun they just ask to you who you are and they will not do any enslaving attempts even if you does not correspond well. But the outcome in riverwood is a bit different. I like that difference however it should not bound into locations. A framework mod which determines the mood and affiliations of generic npcs (slave agents, gate guards, even normal guards) to generate their behaviours against the pc. This would make the mod more organic. A slave guard may be secretly gay, so he wont start any scene with female pc, or may be a spy hidden in slave agent disguise, opening a huge diversity it may create (like a thalmor spy, funnelling those slaves into embassy, an imperial spy, sending most usable ones to recruitment camp or stormcloak doing the same to bolster their numbers), or just mercenaries doing it just for gold, enabling bribe options instead of punsihment. This list can go on (like softies like bellamy, enabling some intimidate options or gullible agents who are not as zealous as pike can be persuaded, very zealous agents, which can do worse things than an average one can do....) and will create a sense of randomness. 2. Being free should be sensible. Like i am level 30, having lots of skills maxed, can kill a troll (requiem) in one shot, or kill 3 vampires in one fight (requiem) and when a softie guard appears my characters stutters/shits on her pants/submits like a lvl 0 character. This should be fixed in order to make free woman playthrough feasible. I should have an option to openly fight them without breaking the game. In my last save I built a settlement (tundra defence) then two fat bröthers came along (boba and jango) after i did not report them. What did i do? One shotted them with an xbow and enslaved them through defeat. Then killed them via defeat in game option. Even i killed them or rendered them useless in pillories, I caneasily come in whiterun and speak with pike like nothing happened. I expected some crazy people coming for me (like a reward for my head). Frankly I was expecting after defeating them, a bunch of slave agents would come, after defeating them, Farkas and some idiot companions, then Molag Bal itself dueling me to enslave such a champion. The sky is the limit for such invasions/search parties. 3.Again being free. I can easily spit on pike as much as i want to do. By that way i can decrease my submissiveness very fast and without any risk. So i can move in Skyrim without even worrying about being a slave or in other words, increase of my submissiveness does not worry me a bit, since i can easily drop it. This should be fixed too, since being free should be like an unmanageable thing as time passes, however i can be free by just exploiting this issue. 4. Submissiveness should drop as each day when you are free and increase each day when you are slave. This should be an option in MCM. 5. Again being free. I want to free other slaves. Like in the prequest, I would like to see slave caravans (or dont know if i missed it) filled with slaves and guards. Freeing those and creating your own bandit-like party against slavers would be interesting. It can slow down even stop enslavement status since it will create a financial/manpower problem for slavers. 6. As settlements fall, their female inhabitants face enslavement risk. So tell me why would Saadia stay in Whiterun? Or Sigrid going out like nothing happened? Or Camilla exposing herself like it is yesterday? Females should stay indoors if they own a family, or immigrate to other settlements (or just vanish or contact with you if you are free) to dodge slave agents if they are single.
  13. Can any1 reproduce stamina draining bug with requiem mod enabled? When i run, stamina drains very fast. I have tried numerous mod orders but it looks like requeim plus this mod creates this bug. If this error is reproduceable for other people then can author make a fix of it? Edit: Looks like it is due to mass system of reqiuem mod uses. Before mod triggers, it is 1.0 effective mass, after the mod triggers, effective mass goes to 101.0, which means player has 100x that he is allowed to carry. But it does not give any weight on character screen so no mass is really given on the PC. Can you look at the scripts and check if you can fix this? Edit 2: It works but you need to disable run exhaustion feature of requiem from MCM menu of it
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