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Renamed NPCs bugged out, any useful mod/tool?

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so this issue is actually happening since I started renaming NPCs. I use both Jaxsons Renamer and Real Names, but everytime I command an NPC to follow me, the name disappears and I can't talk or interact with that person anymore. I have to select them via Cheat Console mouse click, rename them again and it works - until I give them a new order. Name disappears, same procedure necessary. 

Same happens with the Slaves that are renamed by Paradise Halls. I can command them to follow me via the normal Slave Dialogue without issues, but as soon as I command them to follow me through Vanilla follower dialogue / AFT / EFF, the name disappears and bla bla.  (I tried both Frameworks to make sure it's not a Follower Mod Issue, I only use AFT). 

I've tried to google this problem, and I came across one topic on whatever website it was, where someone stated that Skyrim is unable to handle renamed NPCs, but that has to be wrong statement, since Paradise Halls slave follower dialogue is in fact able to handle them. So, any way to get around this issue?

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I don't know how the cheat console is called in english. The menu you open with "^" and type "player.placeatme" and so on.


5 minutes ago, Uncle64 said:

Yea, stop renaming named npc:s, load old save

They aren't named NPCs, they are randomly generated actors such as Bandit Ranger or Forsworn Mage, mostly added through mods like Deadly Wenches or similar stuff.


2 minutes ago, Uncle64 said:

And you have probably made it even worse whit trying different follower mods.

I have not, since I firstly used a new game for both of them, of course I didn't use them together, and secondly I had a clean reinstall anyways, because I wanted to start over with less script heavy mods.


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Why shouldn't you use console commands for testing reasons? They are there for that exact reason. Especially that one. Create a new game, place a certain actor at you and see if they work, if they don't, you can tell if there's a problem with the mod which created them. Stuff like that. 


I'd appreciate if we could stop with the truisms and get to the problem this topic is about. I know you are trying to help, but I'm not a complete noob, neither am I an idiot. So please don't try and treat me like one. 

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