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BreakArmor/Undies issues


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Hey all. I recently picked up a lower powered computer (Surface Go with Intel HD 615 IGP and 8GB RAM), so I was looking to toss oblivion on it. Been awhile since I modded Oblivion, so I've run into a few snags. 


I've previously used a version of breakundies and a select number of armors in the past, and they were fun. Tried to use the zBUArmors compliation from LL and BreakArmor.esp from here as well. Trying it with the HGEC body type (HB boob) and am getting tons of weird clipping and graphic errors when i equip the BUarmors in the Testinghall (boobs in foreground over an arm that should be foreground, massive graphic / polygon render errors). It's been awhile, so any suggestions would be welcomed.


One of my old favorites, Black Squall Knight Armor has no apparent glitches on initial equip. When I toss on another old favorite Black Squall Mage Armor, the boob region is just a bunch of triangles stretching to a point. Make me wonder if my skeleton or NoMaaM is causing issues? I'd previously run a customized animation config that I made from various animation packages but that had boob jiggle. Not sure what's going on here.

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Moving to tech support.

If you are having a problem with a mod here, please post in the thread for it as many times the answers are right there in the thread.


Most of the time what you are describing is a problem with the skeleton.  Also, make sure you have archive invalidated via bsa redirection.


To get more help, post your load order and what skeleton you are using.

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