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[REQUEST] Sexlab Aroused Redux BakaFactory MCM toggles

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I started using the BakaFactory version of Aroused Redux (link can be found at 

) which adds a few keywords to define your armor and was wondering if it was possible to add MCM toggles for the keywords like the "revealing" one that SLARedux already provides so I thought to jusk ask here. And while I am at it if that would cause any conflicts with SexLab Separate Orgasm as that mod also modifies the slamainscr.psc.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

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What tags should I add in game for baboevents? The events need armor with SLA_ArmorPretty / EroticArmor /SLA_ArmorSpendex /
SLA_ArmorHalfNakedBikini / SLA_ArmorHalfNaked
. What options in SLAX will enable this as I don't see corresponding keyworlds in the MCM. I am using SLAX with Abdulla's modifications but not osmelMC's tweak

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