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Followers with glassy shiny eyes?


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thank you! what's nuts is after i posted this, i thought of the facegeom nif. i'd been messing w/ textures trying to fix it and it wasn't working so i thought try the nif. that nif had paths to my default cube and enviro rather than the ones in the follower's folder. so i changed the paths to those. still had glossy eyes. so just to test if i was even on the right track, i removed those 2 entries altogether from the nif. that freakin fixed it! having no cube or enviro in the facegen nif fixed the glossy eyes and far as i can tell the eyes look fine. i didn't get all up in there w/ tfc so the eyes may be missing a lil white dot or something, but they look good to me, and no android eyes!

it's probably just one or the other, cube or environment. so i may check more into it later. thank for the reply!

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This problem comes from nifmerge as it doesn't always copy tangents over either.


First make copy of your facegen.nif as a backup just in case!


To fix the glossiness find another facegen.nif that was made in ck and open it. 


Now go open  your facegen.nif that has eye problem. Click on NiTriShapeData under the eyes and in bottom panel scroll until you see AdditionalData, click on the plus and select NiAdditionalGeometryData so the block is now added correclty under your eyes NiTriShapeData.


Now go to the working facgen.nif from ck or wherever you got it, right click and copy the additional data block from the same place there then right click on the block you added to yours and select paste over. 



IF you want to fix the tangents, not sure if needed since I have not seen any issues from this but it's easy enough to fix.


Go to each trishape and click on  NiTriShapeData, in bottom panel scroll to BsVectorFlags, it should have flags Has_UV and Has_Tangents (except for the head mesh) all others should have tangents so double click on has_uv and a selection menu opens scroll down it and check has_tangents. 


Once you update all except the head, go to top menu bar select spells - batch - update all tangent spaces.  Save and test.

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