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Cosio Body clipping problem

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I have tried everything i can think of to fix this clipping error but to no avail. I have tried deleting the bone responsible (NPC Anus Deep2) but that just causes CTD on load save. i have also tried getting rid of the bone weight through body slide but that causes this monstrosity. please help if you can




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Let me ask where did you download this version of the body? This is either one of my test versions (and this is the version for LE and it will not work correctly in SE) or some sort of similar one.

In the original Cosio body there is no support for the anus. If you do not need it, then download the original and port it to SSE with NIF Optimizer
Besides this may be due to incorrect physics settings if you use SMP physics .

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This is the one from your skyrim stuff folder. Everything works perfectly except this one bone (and the other anus physics but those were easily disabled).

i deleted the physics xml to see if it was a hdt smp problem but the bug remained.

i will try the original and see if that works thank you for your help


edit: works perfect with smp xml from your file thank you


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