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Any LL mods that use the Knockout Framework

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RSE has knockout framework integration. During combat, your bullets stand a chance of causing battlefield trauma to enemies and that causes them to go into a knockout state. Once knocked out, you can of course open their inventory and put a collar on them, via some other mod that handles slavery such as Just Business or Abduction Lite. RSE does not handle slavery though... just allows you to knock people out via bullets or if they surrender to you during combat, you can talk to them and knock them out via a dialogue choice.



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5 hours ago, darklycan1304 said:

As the title says, im looking for a mod that i can use this framework with, i want to capture raiders and such to put in my settlement as either slaves, or on display in some devices/prisoner shackles

Use F4SS if you just want to make lots of caps. Capture, Train, Sell

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