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  1. Yeah, I meant that you shouldn't rush it. Anyways just try to do the things which gives you happiness and satisfaction.
  2. :: SE Port :: v0.2.3 :: ESPfe :: Installation instruction: Remove old version Make a save Clean the save using ReSaver 4.3.2 or higher Load the game Make a new save Install the new version Devious Carriages 0.2.3 ESPfe.7z
  3. @PowerBing Just a question? HearthFires carriage driver faction is excluded?
  4. One has to keep notes on Confirmation popups when using Windows Copy. Which a mod manager automatically does. Well ... whatever floats you boat ... in this case lol
  5. You can get this info by installing SSEEdit also. Install it and fire it up. It won't allow to select plugins which have masters missing. Click on the + sign on such plugins and it will show the needed masters.
  6. Install NMM community edition. Just load it up and select the plugin list. anything red means you have something missing. install the missing mods.
  7. Those files which you assume are missing are in your SSD still. Those are most probably now hidden. And don't bother trying to find them using Explorer. Use "dir/a" command in Command prompt or use the file manager of 7z or WinRAR. By the way, how did you pick up the virus? From a removable drive?
  8. What you say is true. After about a month or so, none will keep track of numbers here. The rural areas were actually sanctuaries, as people didn't come to these places for work, so they were sort of protected. But, when the Govt. re-opened the traffic for workers, the virus started to spread to every nook and corner as people from cities returned to their homes. Simple reason, they didn't follow the protocols established, like wearing masks, hygiene, etc. There are still a shitload of dumb-asses here who think that they will not be infected and don't wear masks. I survived the scare of getting infected twice because of Mask and Hygiene. At first, in our work place we were a bit lenient on the distancing measures as there were no returnees to the locality who could be infected. Later on when traffics were opened up, we became very strict. No Masks, no Entry.
  9. Did you ask your buddy, is he/she under stress? Those health workers are people too, they can't work 24/7 without any period of rest. If they are starting to feel stressed out, that's where the problem starts. So, you don't have to hit 100% ICU bed fill up for a full collapse. It will start at a lower percentage. They work as a team and when one member can't do his/her work properly due to stress, the problem escalates pretty fast. https://ccforum.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13054-020-02926-2
  10. @gregathit How about this? https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2020/p0714-americans-to-wear-masks.html Maybe the spike in cases is due to people who are living in a state of denial, like you?
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