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  1. many times people forget that the main bottleneck for data transfer in your pc is because of the hard disk. if that's not a problem for you (i mean you have a SSD as your game drive), just experiment with ENB.
  2. For all the people having trouble with Mega, make a free account in mega and then add the archive to your mega account. Then download.
  3. You are assuming that NPCs aren't handled in the original DD_Library due to the script error, which I assumed as well when I first went through the script. But, to my surprise whatever code Kimy put in did actually work and NPC's were processed and put into the library. Problem was the database manipulation procedure. Also, about the database cleanup. I put in the database cleanup procedure to run every 500th iteration of the databaseUpdate() function. Here is a proof that NPC's are processed into the database, only 4 records. I deleted my save games or i could have provided you pics of 4 full
  4. Think XDI's source code is available at https://github.com/reg2k/xdi Also found a modified version, don't know what it does specifically. xdi-1.3.6-wmk.zip
  5. Chill, he already said sorry and pretty much explained himself.
  6. Would be more fun if could be equipped to bandits and then let them go ka-boom
  7. Well near about 13k animations is in borderline for crashes, if not any animation limit increasing mod is present.
  8. Well what can't be done in reality is possible in a fantasy world 😉
  9. ==== SSE NIF Optimizer v3.0.7 by ousnius ==== ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [INFO] Options: - Folder: 'D:\SSE Assets Optimizer\mods' - Sub Directories: No - Smooth Normals: No - Head Parts Only: Yes - Clean Skinning: Yes - Calc Bounds: Yes - Remove Parallax: Yes [INFO] 1 file(s) were found. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Loading 'D:\SSE Assets Optimizer\mods\RyneusRealHead.nif'... [INFO] NIF version doesn't match old Skyrim. Skipping conversion. [INFO] Skinned mesh: Cleaning up skin
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