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Underwear does not change in Live Mode


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I have this issue for the last few versions of WW.

When I got into the setting an select "change underwear" it brings me to CAS and I can change the underwear. I click safe and go back to Live-Mode. But when I select "take off outfit" (so that my sim only wears underwear) it will have the standard whit bra and white panties - for both, male and female.

If I cheat to Nudisms Level 5 it sometimes works once or twice, but when I reload the game, back to white underwear.


Since I got a new PC, TS4 is pretty newly installed and even the savegame is the first and only one on my PC.
Everything else works fine.


Not to mention, that I have the latest WW version (which doesn't matter, it was at least an issue with the last 4 or 5 versions) and TS4 is also the latest version.


Anyone else having this issue? Or am I doing something wrong?


greetings and happy holidays and have a good start to 2019

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