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No goddess vision after pixie milk quest

Grail Quest

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I spoke with Claudia about the thread and got the quest to enter the dreamworld. I declined to do it immediately and instead did the pixie milk quest. I was told to meet Sarah at 8, but also to sleep first.


During the sleep, I got a very long cutscene involving Lisbeth, the twin dunmer girls, the succubi, and the Goddess. When it was done, the time was past 11am. Sarah was still waiting at the pixie door, so I finished that quest. When I gave the milk to Sarah, and got a journal entry to sleep in case the goddess visits. I slept as much as 24 hours but there was no goddess vision.

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All right' date=' don't really get it now as it has been a while but it seems you found a nasty one.

Can you post your savegame here so we can try it and see how to fix it?

Thanks a lot!





OK, the .7z file has a folder with 2 savegames.

In the first one, "0008o_got_leather", it is the end of the Hunt. Just go back to TSH and turn it in, then when talking to Claudia, initiate the spider web quest, but DO NOT immediately say you are ready to enter the dreamworld. Just exit the conversation and go do the milk.

This should then let you see the long dream sequence + waking up after 8am even though there is a quest pop-up saying something about meeting Sarah at 8.


The savegame "0009f_last_chime" is a later savegame in how I did things. I did what I mentioned above. The savegame is the PC in the Amulet of Attunement, about to hit the last chime. Use this to finish up the milk quest. After you turn in the milk, you will be instructed to sleep.

When I did so, I didn't get any dream.

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Ok I replayed and everything went as you said... I'm wondering about the Goddess dream stuff. Did you get the Dream where the Goddess speaks to you with K&S sleeping?


I remember one very early one where we're both sitting on couches. One of the girls (either K or S) is, if I remember, laying on the Goddess's lap, the other one sort of leaning. The Goddess says something about an upcoming fight and being pleased with the PC and having placed a lot of trust in the PC.


That one?

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