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Equip more than 2 weapons :b

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7 hours ago, ducyk_c said:

I'm looking for a mod that can add more hands (or arms .-.) for my character. Yep! Look like asura god
Is it possible?
And the most important thing is it can work 




You can equip more weapons in same time, you can use in same time bow, sword, magic and you can do that with two hands only!

Open Skyrim.ini and in section [General] add this line: bDisableGearedUp=0

Try it and find self the combinations you want.


P.S1: skyrim.ini is in documents/mygames/skyrim


P.S2: Once that's done, save the .ini file, and fire up Skyrim. Once you're in game, unfavorite and refavorite your weapons.
Your bow, 2H weapon, and (with some restrictions) 1H weapons should now display on your character.

Some things to note:
Only one 2H weapon and one bow will show up, so you can have BOTH the bow AND the 2H weapon showing.
Dual-wielded one-handed weapons WILL show up, but ONLY if the weapons are of a different type.
(No sword/sword, but sword/axe or sword/mace will work. Likewise for mace/mace, axe/axe.)
If you are using two weapons of the same type, only the one in your right hand (main hand) will show on your hip.
Daggers have their own "slot" and are unaffected by the dual-wield slots, however only one dagger will show up.
You CAN get invisible weapons IF you swap between weapons without first sheathing your weapon.
So if you swap from 2H to Bow without sheathing, your 2H weapon will sometimes turn invisible.
This can be fixed by simply unequipping and re-equipping the invisible weapon.
This works with any and all weapon mods that I've found.
In total, you can have one bow, one 2h weapon, one dagger, and two 1H weapons (within the restrictions above) showing at any one time.


P.S3: My thank to player xlcr, who wrote all those infos and to player Omeletter who wrote the skyrim.ini command,

both players 7 years ago on nexusmods forums!


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