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Is there a best blender->skyrim and skyrim->blender setup currently?

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i have read a lot of different things, its quite hard to keep an overview of whats working and how.

from what i believe i understood theres blender 2.7->blender 2.49->nifskope->skyrim

then blender 2.7->bodyslide->nifskope->skyrim

blender 2.7->nifutilsuite->nifskope->skyrim?

and theres a video that seem to somehow magically make a newer blender version compatible with the old nif importer setup?

if someone could give a brief overview of whats actually worth to work with, this would be highly appreciated

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i wouldnt say i figure it all out but this is what my pipeline looks like.


i use blender 2.79->.obj then .obj->bodyslide(outfit studio)->.nif and nifskope 2.0 for fine tuning


however i do use the blender nif plugin to import some models.

unfortunately i have trouble with exporting directly blender->.nif because of countless error codes.

finding an actual useful installation video for the blender nifplugin took me hours because f you google/youtube.


you might also need python and other addons.

not sure anymore since i lost track of what exactly i needed to get this to work..



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