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Help with rigging in Blender


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I'm a newcomer to Blender and recently decided to pick it up to learn seriously.


I've downloaded a pre-made un-rigged mesh of a girl and learnt the basics of rigging myself. I've mostly got the basics down except for one problem. There seems to be some elements of the mesh that doesn't seem to respond to the rigging.

In particular the eyelash of the girl's face. The eyelash appears to be the same mesh as the face but doesn't seem to want to be (automatically) weight painted.


Here is the model in question:


As I move the head in pose mode, the eyelashes appear to get left behind.


So naturally I thought it was a weight painting issue because the automatic weight painter skipped it.


Here I decided to manually weight paint the eyelash in and assign the head vertex to it.


It somewhat attaches the mesh to move with the head but somehow there seems to be something keeping it anchored in place and distorting the mesh


After a bit of moving about I found some dotted lines from the eyelashes leading to a small orange dot. I can't really select it or reassign vertices or figure out how to relate it to the original armature. These dotted lines appear somewhat related to anchoring them in place though.

I would really appreciate some advice on how to resolve this problem and how I can go about fixing it.

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