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Setting up AAF/RSE/etc. in a realistic, immersive way?

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So, after a long time of trying out all sorts of adult content I'm still looking for ways to get immersed in all of it. I believe I got most of what is out there and caters to my taste up and running, but I'm still frustrated about the clusterf*ck it all is.


Maybe I could simply boil it down to a simple question: Is there any way to get NPCs enjoying their fun to use beds or private places? My biggest issue is really that they start action in the middle of a crowded settlement, get shoved around and out of alignment, stick inside furniture, and never ever actually use a bed like normal people do.


That's almost my biggest issue already, although I'm still looking for other mods or solutions for a more immersive atmosphere. It's basically about what NPCs do, my own character rarely engages in the action and sticks to the romance options, but I enjoy getting surprised by NPCs. That also means, I want them to do their own stuff without me interfering, I get a kick out of exploring the subway tunnels and suddenly find some Raiders in a drug-filled orgy without me controlling everything, giving me the illusion of free will or something.


So, if anyone has suggestions for making the game feel more natural I'm all ears. What I don't need is micromanaging every sex scene, I actually don't want to be bothered by overlays, dialogue boxes and such at all. And any suggestion for mods or settings that actually make NPCs do their thing in beds and private places are also appreciated. I know I could set up Crazy's rugs for bed use, assign actors to do a specific scene there 24/7, but I'd prefer NPCs to act autonomously.

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Gonna bump this again and rephrase a bit...


Apparently some mods allow furniture use, but conflicted with others, or bugged out, or I used the wrong furniture... it's really frustrating. Seeing that my list of mods only for animations and AAF is probably 3 pages long I decided to start over fresh and only pick what I really need.

To make this clear, my last installation worked, technically. AAF ran fine, sex worked most of the time (alignment issues were the only problem, can't say if it was because the actors were just blocked or ran over by other NPCS), and all the body meshes etc. is covered. It was just a huge clusterf*ck not to my liking.


What I'm looking for is a suggestion for a bare minimum installation. In the past I followed the AAF beginners guide, but I figured that it just comes with way too much content I just don't care for, with too much room for mistakes. My last effort to tone it all down was met with various missing animation error messages again, something I thought I had fixed.


I really just need a basic shenanigans option and brothels for a start, preferably using beds. I don't care for violate, bestiality, family planning, I don't want strap ons (I'd prefer only Atomic Lust for F/F), no torture devices etc. etc.

Just the basic human intercourse (preferably with F/F animations that don't suck), with as few patches as possible, and without constant AAF error messages. Any suggestions for a basic install that "just works"?


My "want list":


Brothels (RSE?) <- AAF prostitution has a Bed use option, but has more requirements again that might introduce errors

Shenanigans (RSE?)

"realistic" F/F without straps (Atomic Lust and...?)

Bed/Furniture use

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You might try to give it another spin. While the old version was 'get it all', the new one is more modular (via 'Elements') and with the themes you can somewhat control what animations are visible even if the 'wrong' animations are installed.

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51 minutes ago, Kythana said:

You might try to give it another spin. While the old version was 'get it all', the new one is more modular (via 'Elements') and with the themes you can somewhat control what animations are visible even if the 'wrong' animations are installed.

Are you referring to the old all-in-one RSE? I had already left that one behind and was using Elements. One confusing thing that triggered this thread was that AAF had the furniture bug that is fixed now, I also experimented a lot during the last days and found out there are more barebone installations possible than AAF and all it's animations and prerequisites suggest, like older patches claiming that this or that (e.g. strapons) is a hard requirement but it's actually not any longer etc. I applaud your work on getting everything to run together in your troubleshooting threads, my goal however was leaving everything out that I don't like, which was no less frustrating. :)

At the moment I think I can't get it any better than what I have now, only Brothels, Shenanigans, "normal" sex without toys, creatures and kinky stuff, some working romance stuff and more often than not NPCs actually use beds or furniture. It could still be better, but settlements are not one giant clusterf*ck anymore like a few days ago.

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