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Yes means yes, yes?


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You don't have to use them, though- Sexout on its own doesn't add any actual content to your game, just handles the animations etc., so you can install it and then only install/run consensual sex mods (and don't check the "Sexout Slavery" optional file when you load your game). It just supports all kinds of things as an option. I realize this is an old question, but I thought it deserved an answer that might be useful to others in the future. Everyone has their tastes- even more vanilla ones! I'm sure it's a question a lot of people have who are turned off by non-consent.


Tl;Dr - using Sexout =/= having rape in your game (that's supposed to mean 'does not equal'). It will support whatever sex mods you install on top of it, so you can keep things entirely consensual if you want.

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