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[3D Adult Comics] Wedding Anniversary (Chapter One released)


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Today I released Chapter One of my first 3D Adult Comic called: Wedding Anniversary - Delivery Guy Asks For A Favor?






I have been doing 3D rendering for quite some time now. I used to work with big creators and help them with rendering and writing stories. I've decided it's time to go solo and finally create my own Patreon page so I can work on stuff that I love rather working for commissions.


You can find more about my work here: www.patreon.com/ntrcomics


I would love to hear your feedback on my first comic so I can work towards improving myself in the next Chapters to come, thanks!

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23 minutes ago, dharvinia said:

I get an error when I try to access your previews , it says the content has errors.

It just tried it and it works with Google Chrome, but not with Microsoft Edge which is so weird. Instead of clicking the link try copy/paste, that seems to work on my end.   

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This community usually frowns on people who want you to pay for their stuff.

This is a modding community, a family if you will and since you are a new member here and the only reason you came here is to sell your wares, do not expect much response.

If you want to be a member and have people take you seriously then learn what we are about.


Right now we see you as a troll.?


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