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How to naked(junior question)?

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I am a new player of Skyrim. I like here.

After the help. I installed SexLab Framework for Skyrim SE and test match maker successfully.


There is still a junior question. NPC and I don't naked during making love. Still have underwear...... How can we naked?

I installed SexLabFrameworkSE_v163_BETA5 and MassMatchMakerSE_SE_1.2.

Thanks a lot!

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Just now, allanyu18 said:

Thank you. I installed CBBE. The body looks more beautiful!

But it still don't naked when making love. Still have underwear.

Is there a special step in CBBE or SexLab to make them naked?


When you install it you should grab a version that is NOT NeverNude.

If you install it manually, you need to grab the correct meshes and textures by yourself,

I am not sure if the ModManagers for SSE will support the FOMOD install to select which textures/meshes will get installed.

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