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[SEARCH]/[REQUEST] feminization mod

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20 hours ago, Uhhnonymoose said:

A bit of a niche kink, but any feminization/sissification mods? Subtopic any transformation mods out there worth checking out?

If someone need more females in Skyrim LE there is one mod which run 100% bugfree and make:

Draugrs, Falmers, Giants, Guards, Skeletons, Bandits, Assassins, Warlocks, Forsworn, Hunters, Imperial and Stormcloak Soldiers to human females.


They look great and use automatically your custom Skyrim LE body.


The first time if you visit a location (mostly an open air one) like a Town or Village or a Camp you will see floating nude bodies without heads and animations, DONT WORRY, visit the same place few game days later and you will have the full transformations, IT WORKS 100% BUGFREE!


Inside the mod MCM you can set self the FEMALE RATIO ( i have it to 100%) ? and you can choose which NPC groups want you to be females.


Sexual Diversification Overhaul: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77098


I use this mod since 6 months with 0 conflicts or bugs!


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