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  1. Did you try putting this through loot and seeing what mods it says are missing?
  2. @Valehyena and @ASlySpyDuo Thank you both! You're both wonderful! I'll be tweeking away at it in few moments.
  3. Would you please do it? I would be most grateful.
  4. Hmm, I'm curious. Do you think its possible to make a preset for my fursona using the fox race? I don't mean the multiple tails. I'd settle for the one, but the markings though is something I'm meaning. If you want me to link an example I can.
  5. For me to get the body to update I always had to (don't have game open at the moment so don't have exact name in MCM) the option to save your current body/gender.
  6. You will have to use an alternate start mod since lot of different things can mess up the opening sequence. Other issue might be your PC is not able to handle all the scripts firing at once so to help out once it loads and you start your game then when it loads up hit tilde (~) and wait 5 minutes or so for it to stop loading mods.
  7. Those look interesting, but I have no idea how to do edit the second one. Guessing its in Creation Kit?
  8. Hey Kimy? Would it be possible to add things like the 3 curses in Sexlab Hormones as a possible outcome of DCL events from chests if they are enabled in Hormones?
  9. I mean as a way for more NPC types to apply the curse than Daedra atm or even a way to apply from openning a chest like DCL.
  10. I use the XPMSE MCM menu for weapon positioning for the different weapons and usually play an Argonian along with the Yiffy age mod that turns all races to beast races lol.
  11. Maybe tie the other curses like how SL Coitus Infectus' triggers for Werewolf and Vampire infections?
  12. Hope everything turns out for the better. Don't worry about us here. Take some time for yourself and your family atm. The regular posters here can take over the tech support for awhile.
  13. They are also are found anywhere you find necromancers.
  14. Think you have to visit a pump to get the milk from the mobile milkers.
  15. Honest I'm not sure other then I guess the beak becoming serrated.
  16. I noticed that there isn't any vampires for these races.
  17. What mod is it? I could try to make a quick patch for it to see if it works.
  18. I've decided to do a few YA patches too. Haven't tested them yet. May be some bugs since Creation Kit hates my computer and crashes when I try to load things. First is the Black Sacrament Armor from Awake volume 1 while second and third were some I was just trying. YABlackSacrament.esp YAAliciaPainSlut.esp YAHormones.esp Edit: Tested out Black Sacrament armor. For the most part it works fine although the cowl/mask may have issues with some races like birds.
  19. I can't seem to find the base mod. Could you link it?
  20. Maybe its me, but it keeps giving me an error when I try to unzip it. Edit: Error code is 080004005 which seems to be windows saying its either damaged or missing. Will keep retrying to download the file to see.
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