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R.I.P skyarsenic Tumblr


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Did SkyArsenic choose to not migrate to another platform? Though the options aren't that great either, I guess. A bunch of screenarchers moved to twitter (which isn't that great an option), but if you need to post files that platform makes even less sense.

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Tumblr staff said they were banning all nsfw content so people would actually advertise on the site. I'm an avid user and legit all the ads were like those weird spam/malware esque ones like you see on porn sites. since the ban ive been seeing normal stuff, apple and mcdonalds etc etc. 

so from a business point of view i GUESS it made sense? but 80% of the time i spent on tumblr it was so porn so im pretty pissed as well lol.

pc didnt take any role imo

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