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Hello all, i am getting back into TS4 after a long time (some time after the first 2 dlcs i stopped playing) and i am coming back to the game, so i wanted to ask you guys for recommendation of mods in general and wich mods i would need to do what i want.

What i want:

  • Sex animations
  • More variety of sex places
  • Futanari (that are able to get pregnant if possible) and femboys
  • More body customization (bigger breasts especially)
  • More clothes


Soo, what you guys suggest/recommend for me?

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8 minutes ago, Vrork said:

What is that?



He/she could mean MCC controller! It's a mod that gives control over various features, statistics and game behaviour,

It can control things like pregnancy and lots of other things,

I don't use it myself so I can't explain fully but I think you can edit settings for all lots and Sims without having to travel to each lot



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Yeah, sorry, I have the bad combination of Dyslexia and "was rushing out the door", my bad (mom needed my help with some last minute shopping.)





It basically allows you to adjust internal game settings, and do a lot of the cheat commands without having to type them out or have "testingcheats enabled" active.

It can really play around with reality, for example, setting who gets pregnant, how and with what. The set up with my current save has birth rates set to 100% female and pregnancy is set to activate in the "receiving sim" (IE, the sim you were not controlling when normal "try for baby" is used), regardless of the sim's setting in CAS. It's also set to ask me what last names to use when a sim get's married. 



The most useful to me is being able to set your sim's relationship levels. This can save you a lot of time.


it also allows me to go back into CAS by clicking on a mirror or dresser and mucking around with whatever I want. I went back in, converted Vlad into a female, gave her a makeover to the point you wouldn't recognize her and gave her a harem of lovely female celebrity brides.



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