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weird lookin boobs


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You really shouldn't mess with those to change your character's shape.  You should, however, make your character's body with BodySlide , as most folks don't really use "body replacers" anymore.  With it, one moves "sliders" that change a "generic" shape - giving the character boobs bigger, a bigger ass, etc., ...how ever you'd like your character's figure to look. 


If / when you decide to install the BodySlide mod, be sure to select ONLY UUNP and HDT morphs (not the CBBE stuff too) - which stands for Unified UNP.  Unified refers to the fact that in the early days, there were a shitload of different UNP body shapes and sizes.  With BodySlide, you can make ANY of those shapes and thus "Unifying" all of them.  After installing the mod, I would suggest highly that you watch a couple of vids on YouTube on how to use the tool.  It can seem a little overwhelming at first, but it's actually quite easy and much, much better than being "stuck" with the shape of a body replacer.


The other great thing about BodySlide is that almost all outfits now have "UUNP BodySlide" files - which means that by using the tool, outfits / armor will fit YOUR character's shape, not just a UNP generic shape, 7B Bombshell or any of the older body types that one had to get clothes & armor to fit THAT particular shape.


If you need help or get confused, there's always someone here on LL that'll help you out.


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